January 27, 2022

6 tips for new farm owners in 2022

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A farm is a rather profitable and promising direction, especially if you take into account the current trend for ecological, ethical and organic products. In this article, we have collected some tips that will be useful to beginner farmers in 2022, and you have already received the first of them. Your farm should be environmentally friendly in every sense.

Choose the Direction Correctly

Before starting this activity, it is worth choosing a direction. This may be the field of growing vegetables and fruits or breeding animals and birds. In any case, your choice will depend on material capabilities, competition, and the market.

For beginners, it is best to start with something simple, from a field that does not require large investments. For example, it is beneficial to breed crayfish or chicken broilers. If you already have experience working with animals, the idea of ​​creating a horse farm may be right for you. You can grow any vegetables and fruits that ripen and are stored well in your climatic conditions.

Run a Family Farm – It’s Easier and More Economical

The farm business in most cases is organized as a family business. Moreover, very often not only husband and wife, but also several generations of a large family, including not the closest relatives, support and develop this idea.

The reason for this is simple: farming is a business that always requires a sincere and reverent approach, the full return of labor and time. It is almost impossible to achieve this from employees: for them, it is important to work less and get more.

Therefore, it is better when everyone who works on the farm is personally interested in making it prosperous, and it is easier to achieve such a result by working on a common business with the whole family. To do this, all family members must approve the farming business as a way of earning, and each of them would have their own area of ​​responsibility. 

Take Care of the Distribution Channels Before Opening the Farm

The farming business is essentially a manufacturing business, and any production needs marketing. Moreover, in this case, the time for marketing is still very limited: after some time, the manufactured products simply go bad.

Therefore, if you are thinking about becoming a farmer, you need to decide in advance where and to whom you will sell your products, find a market for yourself. Because then it will be too late to search. And selling farm products is not so easy, especially when it comes to a good price.

To trade independently, you will need to open your own outlets, which is costly and requires a large number of documents. To deliver your products to supermarkets, you will also need to receive all kinds of quality certificates, as well as pay for the rental of retail spaces.

If you decide to create an equestrian estate, then think about marketing in advance – it will be profitable to rent your horses.

Find a Way to Produce Natural and Ethical Products

We have already said that naturalness is a trend of recent years, and the conscious segment of buyers is really ready to pay for high-quality and clean products.

A completely natural product is one that is not only produced (or grown) without GMOs, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers but also which does not contain artificial flavors, flavor enhancers, dyes or preservatives. If we are talking about meat, then it should be obtained without the “help” of stimulants and antibiotics.

Fortunately, today the number of farms engaged in the production of exclusively natural products is gradually increasing, and if you also position your production as ecologically clean, you will get an undeniable competitive advantage.

Keep Spending Low and Build Savings

If you want your farm to be successful, then you must learn to be thrifty. One way is to revise the structure of your expenses: build low-cost housing, reduce utility costs and beware of buying expensive equipment.

The biggest mistake is when people start their business with a long shopping list. Do not make such a list. Better think about how not to spend money. For example, a freelance writer from Supreme Dissertations or Trust My Paper writer service review website will help you create a business plan at a reasonable price.

You can spend a lot or a little – that’s how you like it. Nevertheless, you look at people who managed to make sustainable eco-business in the village. They all started with life in modest conditions, while the money saved was invested in their business.

First, you take care of the business and then it takes care of you. If you start differently, taking care of yourself in the first place, then your business will fade away before it can bloom in full force.

Get Ready for Things to Go Wrong

Everyone likes the freedom that a successful farm gives, but only a few are ready to overcome the first couple of stressful years. Everyone wants to be successful manufacturers, but not everyone understands that living in a trailer, an old car, and total savings can be behind this.

Agriculture involves hard work, but in addition, force majeure such as an unexpected death of livestock from a disease or a lean year can also happen. Beginners learn on the go, in the process.

If you really want to live a “good life”, and help others take care of their health by consuming quality products produced by you, then you will have to work hard towards this goal. Be prepared for the fact that the farm will not bring lightning profits – this is an area of ​​activity that requires constant work, very careful accounting and analysis, plus constant quality control.


Difficulties are inevitable in any case, however, the trend for eco-products and ethical production can be your bargaining chip. Your task is to think over your strategy and market positioning of your farm in advance, and also try to establish communication with target customers.

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