December 6, 2021

5 key steps to starting your own medical writing business

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The medical communication sector offers room for writers who wish to establish and expand their medical writing businesses. If you have ever worked as a writer before, you must have realized by now that freelance writing is a rewarding and flexible career. Are you at a point in your life where you want to create a solid clientele? Well, this article is offering you five tips on how to successfully launch, develop, and maintain a thriving medical writing business.

  1. Pick you niche

Given how broad the medical field is, you need to decide on what to focus on before you set up your writing business. When you identify and properly define your niche, you will succeed in focusing your marketing and networking efforts. The way to choose your niche is by identifying what you love or what you are interested in writing about. You could also decide on an ideal field based on your strengths, education, or prior experience. You can develop content for regulatory authorities, to promote products or provide knowledge to people.  Whether your interest is in scientific content writing, promotional writing, or educational content, you must brainstorm to come up with a clear map of your medical writing career.

  1. Identify your audience

Writing what you like is good, but it may lead to the downfall of your business when it does not attract readers. Most people think that the way to define your audience is taking into account their age, sex, education, socio-economic status, value, and assumptions only. While these factors are important, the truth is that you need to go beyond the demographics by thinking about how you want your ideas to resonate in your reader’s life. At present, most people can be found on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Therefore, before you start pitching and writing, you should create a strong online presence and start sharing bits of the content that you wish to write about. While at it, ensure that you maintain an accurate professional profile, join groups in your field, and identify relevant contacts. Doing so will ensure that you develop a large following of real readers who will propel your business.

  1. Develop networks

You should take advantage of every chance to connect with other writers and present your expertise and experience. But first, you should find the right team of freelancers to liaise with. Whether you are a biomedical statistician or data scientist, the best place to find your group is through professional associations such as the Medical Writing Certification Commission (MWCC) or American Medical Writers Association (AMWA). These associations often organize conferences and networking events that you could attend to promote yourself so that you attract clients.

  1. Prepare to market

For you to see results, you need to invest in promotional materials such as a website and business cards. As part of your outreach strategy, you need to ensure that you maximize your author bio to go unnoticed. You can also make yourself visible by listing your services on resources such as AMWA and MWCC freelance directories. Additionally, you need to write content that reflects your talent, expertise, skills, and experience because you are not only a writer but a business owner, networker, marketer, and salesperson. Of all these non-writing duties marketing needs to be the one that you excel in the most because it can either make you or break you despite being a good writer!

  1. Remain organized

Since you are responsible for running your daily operations through activities such as managing subcontractors, administration, and invoicing, you must stay organized. For instance, you need to have clear records of deadlines for various tasks, billing, and hours. It does not matter how complex your operations are, you can remain put together using tools such as Excel spreadsheet and QuickBooks Online. As your medical writing business grows, you will need to expand your management systems to keep things moving smoothly.


Medical freelance writing is a great field for writers that want to work on their terms, schedules, and who want to add value to their clients. If you have been thinking about venturing into this sector, have some writing experience, or want to switch careers, you can leverage the steps explained above to get started.

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