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5 health benefits of swimming for your infant or toddler

Teaching your children how to swim is one of the best things you can do as a parent. Helping them develop an affinity for the water at an early age won’t only pave the way for precious moments; it will also make a big difference in their safety as they grow older, as well as to their physical development.

Toddlers and infants can best engage with the world around them through swimming. However, many parents are hesitant to let their kids experience the pool due to safety concerns, but research has shown that children who have taken swimming lessons are less likely (88%) to drown than those who have not.

Apart from ensuring your child’s safety, teaching him how to swim can make a huge difference in his physical wellness. By letting your child glide through the water, you’re helping him develop motor skills that will greatly benefit him in the years to come.

Learn more about the benefits of swimming for your little ones with the guide below.

Health Benefits of Swimming for Your Infant or Toddler

Health Benefits of Swimming for Your Infant or Toddler

  • 1. Aids muscle development

Swimming for infants and toddlers provides a gentler type of exercise that involves the entire body. Water-resistance helps build muscle strength, as well as promote cardiovascular health by strengthening the lungs, heart, and blood vessels. Best of all, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that people enjoy water-based exercises better than land exercises.

  • 2. Builds cognitive skills

A study from Griffith University in Australia found that children who learned to swim at a young age have more advanced visual-motor skills, such as cutting paper, coloring in, and drawing lines and shapes. They also score better in performing mathematical tasks and following instructions, with the swimmers being 20 months ahead of non-swimmers.

  • 3. Boosts appetite

Given the physical exertion needed in swimming and the energy your child uses to stay warm in the water, it’s no surprise that he/she will be hungry after the activity. With regular swimming time in their schedule, you can expect your child’s appetite toincrease.

  • 4. Improves sleeping patterns

Swimming provides a good source of regular aerobic activity, especially for children.Experts agree that children who do regular exercise sleep better at night. Incorporating swimming into your child’s active routine can improve their sleeping patterns. Not only does this mean that they’re better rested, but their bodies will repair and develop in ideal conditions.

  • 5. Promotes coordination and balance

Compared to other sports and exercises, swimming causes less strain on the joints and connective tissues due to the natural buoyancy while in the water. In addition, it allows kids to improve both their strength and flexibility. Swimming as an exercise can also improve your child’s balance and coordination even outside of the pool.

Tips to Help Get Your Kids Excited About Swimming

As you look for swimming lessons in Singapore, it helps to start getting your child excited about it. This way, your toddler or infant will look forward to joining a swimming class and genuinely enjoy themselves. Here are some ways you can get them to discover the joys of swimming:

  • – Watch fun swimming videos together

Part of the excitement in swimming is appreciating the beauty and fun of the sport. Videos that demonstrate the excitement, such as relays or synchronized swimming routines, can help pique your child’s interest. Additionally, videos that promote fun and safe swimming activities can also serve as inspiration for them.

  • – Plan a swimming trip

Making plans for swimming—whether at a local swimming pool or the beach—can be exciting for young ones. From there, you can let them know that learning how to swim is an excellent way to prepare for the upcoming trip.

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  • – Make swimming a bonding activity

One of the fun things about swimming is that it is an activity the whole family can enjoy. You can even have fun competitions, like doing laps or breath-holding underwater with your family members. Swimming and playing in the water with them not only makes the activity more fun but can also help build wonderful new memories. 

  • – Join your child in the pool

Watching over your little ones from the sidelines has its own merits, but being with him/her in the pool can help calm them down and put them at ease. Something as simple as sitting on the steps of the pool while they get used to the water can go a long way in making them more excited to learn. This will help build their confidence in the water early on.

  • – Attend a swimming class with your child

Go one-step further—aside from joining your little one in the pool and being part of their swimming school experience, consider looking for parent-child swimming lessons that allow you to be part of their learning experience, too. Not only will your child learn how to swim, but you may also pick a thing or two up from it.

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Having Fun and Staying Healthy in the Water

Swimming is more than just a water-based sport—it’s a great and exciting way for your child to get active and improve their overall health. With careful supervision, any infant or toddler stands to get stronger, more coordinated, and smarter through swimming.

Marsden Swim School offers swimming lessons for toddlers in Singapore. Conducted by certified swim coaches, a safe and fun learning experience awaits you and your child.

Take the first step towards a healthy and fun activity for your little ones and inquire today!



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