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5 Amazing ways to get rid of stress

friends-for-ever Get-Rid-Of-Stress Satisfied-in-Love-Life Two happy young girls lying with a ball on a green grassBy Alissa Ward From olwomen

It is not unusual for a person to get stressed occasionally. Today’s hectic life, burden of work, family problems, drama with friends, financial or relationship matters can be the major causes of stress. Expecting too much yourself in every task is also a major cause of depression and anxiety. Sometimes, all you need to do is bring a little change in your lifestyle and give up! Here are some of the important suggestion form experts and best ways to get rid of stress easily.


One of the main reasons of growing stress in our society is restricting ourselves from indulging in small things that give us happiness in life. Sometimes, in our tough schedule of work and home, even if we indulge in activities that help us to get rid of stress, we start to feel guilty about wasting our time in useless activities.

These activities may be useless but if they make us happy and relieve us from stress; they are not actually useless and you’re no wasting your time but actually making it worthwhile. These small things can be watching a sitcom or movie, treating yourself with your favorite cake or taking a break from work to drink your favorite coffee. So indulging in small things that make you happy is one of the best ways to get rid of stress and anxiety.


Doing the things you enjoy is the one of the best ways to get rid of stress. A life that is dull bore and without excitement is one of the main reasons of stress and depression in your life. The best job is the one in which you enjoy doing your work. You should quite the job in which you’re not putting your heart and soul which is increasing your stress day by day. You should put your all energies in your favorite work as it will satisfy you and relieve you from stress.

Similarly try to take a break from work and home sometimes and spend some “me” time with yourself. Try to go to some museum or park or spend time in reading your favorite book or watching your favorite movie. Try to do the things that make you excited and give you enthusiasm and passion.


Being proud of your body is one of the best ways to get rid of stress. I you want to live a contented life, you should never be ashamed of your body or face. You can always become smarter, healthier and slimmer but you can’t change your body or personality. Don’t look at yourself critically and wish to change your eyes, height, thighs or any other feature of your body.

This habit not only lowers your confidence but also make you depress. Always be proud of your body if you want to become happier and live a satisfied life. You should be thankful and proud of your body as this body gave you a healthy life and try to see yourself with the eyes of your loved ones.


You can’t’ control everything in your or others life so don’t try to do everything perfect for your friends or family members. Don’t think about the problems of your friend who is having some relationship problems or try too much to find the perfect partner for your best friend. You can’t control or correct everything in others life. According to experts, if your friends or family members need your help, they will ask for it.

So don’t try to make your stress on thinking too much about their problems or ways to fix them. When you stop trying to take control of things in others’ life, your life starts to become easier and stress free. If anyone did something wrong to you, don’t try to think about it too much or start spoiling your good mood over it. You shouldn’t expect others to do always according to your wishes. So forgiving and forgetting is the best strategy to relieve you from depression and also one of the best ways to get rid of stress.


One of the really best ways to get rid of stress and anxiety is to stop trying to live up to expectations of everyone in your life. You can’t please everyone in your life so don’t try too hard to become a perfect person for your loved ones. So don’t try too hard to become the friend that listens to every friend’s problems and comforts them. Similarly you can’t be always a perfect mother, daughter, wife or working woman at the same time.

So don’t burden yourself extra to always live up to everyone’s expectations as this will keep your stress levels high all the time. So instead of always thinking about pleasing someone else, try to take some time for your own pleasure. When you start diverting your attention towards yourself, you will immediately feel a huge burden lifting off your shoulders. This will bring a positive change in your life and you’ll more relax and satisfied than ever.


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