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4 ways you can get past a paywall

Paywalls restrict the content on the websites for the users that haven’t paid. Many websites publish some sort of content using these paywalls. You may find these paywalls on blogs and news publishing sites. To access their content, you have to take their subscription through the paywalls. However, there are many people who want to access this informative content but can’t pay. 

These people may ask how to get past a paywall? because people would not want to miss out on any latest news. There are mainly three types of paywalls that many sites use such Hard paywalls, metered paywalls, and freemium paywalls. These three types of walls allow sites to restrict content on the site according to their choice. Many ways allow users to get past these sites’ paywalls and access the content for free.

  1. Use Browser Extensions

The browser offers extensions that can allow users to do various things. These extensions are of many types. Some of them allow users to bypass the paywall. You can go to a web store and find tools to bypass paywalls. Some extensions will allow you to bypass the paywall with a few simple clicks. You may have to try various extensions to find the one that works properly. Use Tools Like Evernote Web Clipper

2. A web clipper is a tool of Evernote that allows users to access complete articles for free. These paywalls tool is the best choice if others don’t work. In addition, it may take a few minutes to use but works properly. You will have to install the Evernote app and then use the web clipper add-on to access the article. 

3. Disable Cookies or use VPN

Some sites use freemium paywalls; these paywalls can allow you to aces some articles for free in a month. You cna reset your free limit of articles by disabling cookies. Cookies store all the information about the websites you surf from. By disabling or clearing these cookies from your browser, you can get access to free articles. VPNs are another way to reset your free limit. VPN allows users to change their IP address; thus, the site treats users as new people. 

4. Disable Javascript Browser

Paywalls are made using javascript on the website. These javascript are the code that contains various elements of a website, including paywalls. By disabling javascript, you can get access to the articles and news on the website. JavaScript can be disabled using web extensions


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