May 14, 2021

4 big predictions & thoughts that will change our post-pandemic

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No one saw the pandemic coming in 2020 and the subsequent changes that followed. First, the virus was initiated in China, and very quickly, it engulfed the entire world and impacted the global economy. Subsequently, many people lost their jobs, and even worse, millions lost their lives and their loved ones to the pandemic. Social distancing and safety rules were imposed, which led many of us to go and home and stay there.

While 2020 tested our strong will and completely altered our lives regarding how we work, learn, buy, and connect, it also taught us valuable lessons about the uncertainty of life and the importance of staying well-prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.

As we pass the first quarter of 2021, we have to make conscious decisions about what kind of post-pandemic world we want to live in. Additionally, we have to think about our future generations and how we can make the world safer and better for them. The below-given list includes a selection of thoughts and predictions on where our future stands and how the world will emerge in the upcoming years. Read on to learn more!


Vaccine vs. Social Distancing

Everyone is hoping that the entire population will get vaccinated before the end of 2021. Since everything is entirely focused on getting the masses vaccinated, we can expect our future generations to get vaccinated as well. This aspect indicates that the protection against the virus is set to last for an extended period. Therefore, all people must willingly take the vaccines and save future generations from the current crisis.

That said, the rollout of vaccines, especially to the middle- and under-developed countries, will take some more time and improve treatment and curb the mortality rates. Our final thoughts are that while vaccines are mandatory, the public can expect a little more global lockdowns to curb the situation. In other words, social distancing is here to stay for some more time.


Remote Working

As we have entered the second year of remote working, people have gotten quite used to the comfort and safety of their homes with the self-created office space. Therefore, we are witnessing something which can be termed as a shift in power dynamics. Now, business organizations will have to provide their employees with good reasons to return to the office premises.

They could do so by offering their employees a more fun and relaxed workspace and the ultimate space for connecting with other humans, which is something we have been missing out on for quite some time now. The pandemic has taught us the incredible value of human connection and in-real-life human contact.

Working from home might have become the new norm. However, we will always remain – social animals, craving for a competent workspace for cultural and personal development. You can expect a major shift from the office days of 5-days-a-week to 2-days-a-week, which is fair enough, given the ongoing situation, and suits the company and employees’ needs.


A shift in Work Hours

If you have been working a 9 to 5 your entire life, you ought to be ready to work differently in post-pandemic work as business leaders are faced with the dilemma of where and when their employees will be working. While employers have to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees, they also have to provide proper support to their personnel by changing the work climate according to the needs of everyone in the team.

By the time it will become safe to return to the office premises, employees will have spent nearly two years remote working. While many employees are enjoying the flexibility of time, it is predicted that companies will give their employees the option of working three days at the office, two days from their homes. In comparison, the reminder two days of the week will be holidays.

That way, the typical 9 to 5 will be changed for an efficient 3-2-2 office week, which will benefit the company and boost the employees’ productivity level.


Stronger Heat Waves Expected

Last year, we recorded the hottest temperatures on the globe; amidst the pandemic, the world was getting afflicted with extreme heat waves, specifically in Australia, where the worst wildfires took place. It has been speculated that in the absence of preventive measures, more than 75% of people will be affected by future heatwaves in the following years.

One basic reason for global warming is the increasing trend of rapid urbanization, which intensifies heat exposure. That said, no corner of our planet will remain unaffected by the heatwaves. Soon, history will remember the heatwaves by giving them names like the names given to hurricanes and tornadoes.

It is important to note that climate changes have been taking place gradually and constantly. In the United States alone, more people die of extremely hot temperatures than other natural events related to the weather and climate.  

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