September 22, 2020

33 Easy Tips To Grow Your Hair Faster


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Coconut-milk-hair-growthBy Alissa Ward From olwomen

Having long hair is a treasure. It is an unlocking key, there comes a point in one’s when everyone wants long hairs. Women are big fan of long hairs and so are many men. It is a difficult task to have long hairs in a short time, but exactly there is no shortcut to grow your hair faster. However, we can always hope when there is nothing inside the real story of .

Today we are going to show you different techniques for faster hair growth at one place. There are many practices that I have captured to tell you and all are the best possible ways, which will help you to grow your hair faster. Be patient, because it takes time to grow hair. We have included almost all natural cures and homemade remedies.

This content is all about your hair and we will guide you step by step through different beneficial ways to grow hair faster in less time. You can follow any of the tips according to your needs. You would just need to help yourself to bring your hair back to life because there is nothing like beauty of hairs in the world.


Due to the damaged caused by extreme smoke and pollution the Ozone layer cannot protect your hair from direct rays. These are harmful for your skin and for your hair as well. Direct exposure of sun to your hair can cause irrecoverable damage to your hair. Prevent yourself from sun rays and avoid sun bathing.

Try to use scarfs not of black color because it absorbs most of sunlight, use caps to keep yourself out of the sunlight burns. Though sun rays also add shine to your hair but excess of everything is bad but in the case of sun rays we suggest to protect yourself.


It is really very important to comb your hair smoothly. Do not comb hairs when they are wet, comb your hairs when they are dry. Comb your hair twice in a day but very smoothly and sparingly. To grow your hair faster, comb before you go to bed in the night to sleep. Tangles are a big hurdle in the way of growing your hair long. Combing is the best way to remove your tangles and tie them in a pony not in elastic. Elastic also breaks your hairs.


The best way to get healthy, strong and long hairs is to trim your hair after every 8 to 10 weeks. Growth of your hair depends on external effects most probably. Split ends are a big obstacle, remove them by trimming. Having long hairs with split ends does not mean healthy hairs and you cannot grow them faster. If your hair have less growth, check them for split ends and cut them for a faster growth.


It affects you a lot, take a proper sleep so that you can feel good, you can look good and by feeling relaxed you can grow your hair faster. It is a natural cure for your . Like if you are facing a crucial time of your life or in a trauma your body will not be able to generate other cells for your survival it will make cells just for your and growing speed can slow down or even may stop. Take a sleep of 6 to 8 hours at least.


Drink as much water as you can because it keeps you hydrated and especially your hairs need to remain moist which help to grow hair faster. Water is as essential for healthy hair as oxygen for a human. Water prevents your hair from dryness. 6 to 8 glasses in a day are must. Use lukewarm water to wash your hair.

Water also helps to excrete intoxicants from your body and helps in removing extra radicals. It’s a very easy way, what you just have to do is count your glasses and drink water on your routine. Amount of water can be different for different people according to their skin and dryness in their body overall.


Stress free Life is a dream just like having long hairs. How to combine them to get fruitful results? Allow me please! Both are directly proportional to each other let me give you some more piece of advice. Try not to indulge yourself in stress because it can cause your hairs stop growing. Remove all the stresses from your life; get a healthy life for yourself, it will help your hair to grow faster. Good health has significant impact to make hair grow faster.


Long hairs are precious but if you can’t take care of that end results will be a zilch. Most of the people used to blow dry their hair after every wash plus excessive use of iron rods. An increased frequency of straightening, curling, frizzing, crimping and blow drying your hair will make your hair weak and unhealthy.

Extra styling can damage your hair. Please do not make unnecessary styling of hairs. Ironing once or twice is fine but not more than this in a week. By that you will be having less split ends less trimming and at the end of the day long and beautiful hair.


It is a very important factor in hair growth. Shampoo your hair with a good shampoo which suits your hair tone and use a good conditioner to finish the washing. Take an almond size amount of conditioner in your hands; apply on your hairs directly but not on your roots or scalp, then wash it after 2 to 4 minutes. Try to use it one inch far from the roots. Applying directly on the skin of your head may be harmful so be precautious.


Now it’s turn to play with your hair. Flip your hair upside down for two to five minutes daily to make your hair growth faster. As a result when blood circulates in your body it will provide extra blood to your hair and it will lead to extra fast growth. This is an effective technique to get rid of hair falling and provides strength to your hair. It’s a must kind of an exercise.


Do not apply too many colors, the process of coloring hair also weaken your hair and take all the strength off your hair. Why to avoid? Because hair colors have so many chemicals in it, the chemicals damage your hair easily and you cannot get rid of that easily. Use the colors of good known companies and avoid cut down also. Avoid taking treatments for hair that involve chemicals.

Wash your hair thrice in a week or more than this if needed. There are many total solutions available in the market, however the steps described above are some natural and quickest tips for hair growth by natural precautions to follow.


Using silk pillows is another way to make your hair grow faster. May be you are doing each and everything accordingly but still there is no improvement. Your hair are falling with speed and you don’t see any hope in the form of baby hairs on your head then I must say it is time to change your pillows. Hairs are very soft so they should also be treated like that. Your pillows also play a part in growth of your hair. Use silk pillows; they are soft and best for your hairs.


Oils are the best way to approach your goal of growing your hair faster. Castor oil contains Vitamin E which is very essential entity for hair. Take some amount of oil, with the help of fingers massage your scalp in a circular direction but very delicately otherwise you hairs will break. Now let the oil stay on your scalp for 30 minutes, you can additionally do one more thing to your hair after massaging, you can wrap your head with warm towel after that wash it well with a good shampoo.

You can also use lavender oil, it is famous for its fragrance and used especially for beauty. It is easily available in the market but it is a little viscous so mix some lemon juice for ease of use.


Almond oil gives energy to your head. It gives charm to your hair and help to make your hair grow faster. It is easily available in the market. Take some amount of almond oil, massage it with your fingers on your scalp for some time after that wash it with a good shampoo. Almond oil is used for massaging and to making your hair grow faster.

These oils not only help in growing your hairs but also gives you soothing effects, release your tensions by massage and also remove physical stresses which will lead you to stress less mind and then to long hairs. Use it once in a week at least.


It is very beautiful homemade remedy. People used to grow it in their gardens often. It is an easily available item. Take a small piece of aloe Vera from the plant, cut it into two pieces and take out the all the gel.

This gel plays the whole part of the remedy. Take this gel and softly massage it onto your scalp. It helps to remove scalp issues like dandruff. You can also add some little amount of aloe Vera in water and drink. It can also be used with coconut milk.

  1. EGG

Egg mask can be used in many ways to grow your hair faster. Take two to three egg yolks, mix it all up, put half spoon of honey and some drops of lemon in it. Now your paste is ready to apply it to your hair for 1 to 2 hours, let it dry then wash it with a good shampoo. Wash your hair 2 times specially when using eggs because an egg leaves bad smell. You can use this treatment every two weeks. It’s a must try remedy which is easily available in the market.


Coconut milk is plus point for making your hairs strong and long. Take a jar of coconut oil, warm it and take some amount of coconut oil, massage it on your scalp with your fingers. Let it stay overnight or for few hours wrap it with a shower cap after some specific time wash it with a shampoo.

Coconut oil is easily available in the market, you will feel a considerable difference in your hair by using it every fifteen days. Coconut milk or coconut oil can also be used with different oils.

Henna is a best conditioner. If you have a henna pack, you can not only energize your hair, plus you will not need any other color. It gives nourishing effect and is used as a best conditioner.

Henna leaves are easily available. Put henna leaves in the grinder, make a powder and then you can make a paste by mixing with coconut milk or water. Apply it for 2 to 3 hours and let it dry. Then wash it with shampoo and try not to wash your hair daily.


It is another homemade remedy with Vitamin A, E and C which helps towards faster growth of hair. Take a ripped banana. Mash it gently; make a paste now apply it on your hair. Massage it on your scalp but not to harm your hairs during massaging because extra or harsh massage will break your hair.

If you do not want to apply eat it, this will also complete the deficiencies of your body which is stopping your hair growth process. Bananas are easily available in the market and very cheap.


Potato? How it will help to grow your hair faster? Yes just use the below tips and you will see the miracles. Find some potatoes, probably you will have them in your kitchen, Yes very close to you. Take some potatoes, grind them, take out the juice and use it on your head for 15 to 20 minutes.

After that specific time wash your hairs with a suitable shampoo. If your hairs are thin and stopped growing, try this technique to and you will see a significant change yourself. You can put its juice in the jar for future use. Potatoes juice is good for your health also. Try this after 15 to 25 days.


It maintains the PH balance of your hair. It is very useful in cleaning your scalp. It’s easily available in the stores. Apple cider vinegar is used after washing your hair. Take some amount of Apple cider vinegar mix it with double of its amount with water. Shake them well and then rinse your hair with this solution. It is very beneficial and can be used to any hair type.


It is most famous ingredient in the market for hair growth. Its name is “amla”. You can use it on your hair with 2 to 3 tablespoon of Indian gooseberry mixed with lime juice.

Make a paste of it then apply it directly on your hair and scalp and then wash it with water. Amla, Rita and seeka khai are three ingredients to make this home remedy. It is one of the most famous remedies for hair growth. Mix these three and you can use it twice in a week. It is very helpful.


Garlic helps in hair growth. How? Not a big deal. Have a look, take some cloves of garlic. Crush them; make a paste by mixing it with coconut oil or olive oil. Apply it to your hair directly. After half hour wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Garlic has some odor in it so you can put 2 to 3 drops of lavender oil for odorless paste. For best results use it once in a week at least. You can also find these ingredients in your kitchen very easily. It is again very cheap homemade remedy. It can be used anytime on any hair type.


Onions, garlic and eggs are all infamous home available items to grow your hair faster because they all are smelly. As I have already told you the benefits, all the ingredients are too good for your hair. They are very helpful for you and for odorless hairs you can use good shampoos to kill the smell. Hairs are your beauty.

Take some onions cut its outer part with knife, make some pieces and grind them to take out their juice. You can use this juice on your scalp directly. Massage it; let it stay for an hour. Then wash it with a good quality shampoo to kill the smell.


It is used as a hair tonic. It’s a herb used to stimulate the circulation of blood. Take some amount of Rosemary add it into your shampoo apply it to your scalp, massage into circular motion and then in opposite circular motion. You can use it also in the same way like with your conditioner. Rosemary can also be used with sage oil. It can also be used with lavender oil. You can add it up with almost all the oils.


Rose water is been using since centuries by the women as a best and shortest way to the beauty. In the time of Pharaoh in Egypt, women used to take bath of rose water. It leaves fragrance where you will use it. You can use it in Henna pack, with oils and with all the ingredients. You can add it into your water before taking bath. It can be used to rinse your hairs.


Fenugreek seeds are green in color and make you green forever. Fenugreek seeds help to grow your hair faster and protect your hair color. Take some amount of fenugreek seeds according to your hair length or demand then grind it, mix it well with water. Your paste is ready; apply it on your hair. Let it stay for 30 minutes and then wash it with a good quality shampoo.


Eat it or use it directly is your choice. Take a bowl, take 4 table spoon of yogurt and apply it directly. Massage it and have lovely hairs. Let it stay for 20 minutes and then was with a shampoo. You can add some lemon drops to give an extra shine to your hair. You can add one egg and 2 tablespoon of mustard oil with 2 tablespoon of yogurt.

Mix them well and apply it to your hairs. Then comb them (optional) to spread the material evenly in your hair. Let it stay for 2 hours so it can dry and then wash your hair. For fragrance you may add some drops of lavender oil. It is one of the most widely used homemade recipes to get strong and long hairs.


What is inside it comes out on your face? Commonly used line but here it also works with this content. It means whatever you will eat will have its affect on your skin and hair. It means it affects your physical appearance. If you want to have long and strong hairs than eat fish and fruits. Fruits make you fresh and fulfill the vitamins which are useful for your hair growth. Fish is also very good for your general health and help to grow your hair faster.

These all are proteins, eat as much proteins as you can. These are the building block of your body, If your body is getting good amount of proteins you are not far from having healthy hair that grow faster.


Hair growth is totally dependent on your diet. All the green vegetables are good for your health. Not only it makes you fresh and healthy but also helps you to get natural shiny looking hair. Vegetables are also enriched with proteins. Spinach, cabbage, peas are best vegetables for your hair.


Iron is very essential for your hairs to grow. It provides oxygen with blood in all parts of your body. It means you are full with iron. Take more amount iron by taking green vegetables and meats.

Zinc is best to solve your tissue problems, making sure that the oil glands around your follicles are working in the proper way. Take chocolates to fulfill this deficiency of zinc if needed.


Vitamin C cannot be generated by your body more frequently. It is used to fulfil the deficiency of hair breakage. It is quite often that your hair starts to fall because of stress, discomfort or bad diet. Diet is very essential for a healthy life. If you take good food intakes, your hairs will not fall and hair growth will be fabulous.

Vitamin C also dissolves the iron which is another benefit of it.


Biotin is the most famous supplement to grow your hair faster. It is believed that biotin increases the hairs and nails too. 300mgc amount is enough in the beginning, do not exceed this amount. There are many available supplements in the market but we will recommend this.


Your health plays a very important role to hair growth. Do regular checkups, consult doctors, have a healthy life, remove tensions from your life but besides these all if you have hormonal imbalance like menstrual problem, after birth baby issues or you are suffering from diseases like cancer.

These things are your enemies they cannot help you in your hair growth. These symptoms take out all your freshness and strength of your hair. Extra supplements also increase the chances of hormonal imbalances which typically can do disastrous things that one cannot dream of. That is why we have tried to select mostly natural products to grow your hair faster, stick to nature and nature will take care of you.

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