July 24, 2021

31 improvised weapons, other contraband found during Lusignan prison raid

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By Dennis Adonis From Guyana Guardian

A three-hour search that was conducted by dozens of ranks from the joint services on Monday, have unearthed several units of improvised weapons and cellphones, among other things.

The Guyana Guardian understands that though they were initially some minor resistance from a handful of prisoners, the early morning exercise was mostly smooth.

The search which appeared to be a direct response to the ongoing impunity with which prisoners are coming into possession of contraband items is expected to become a more regular feature throughout the prison system.

According to the police, the items found during the impromptu search included Eight (8) cellphones, Ten (10) cellphone batteries, Five (5) cell phone chargers, Two (2) Sim cards, Two (2) memory cards, Thirty-one (31) improvised weapons, Eleven (11) pieces of metal pipes, Nine (9) pieces of wood, Seven (7) phone cards, Three (3) ziplock bags with cannabis, One (1) small bottle of cannabis seeds, One (1) packet of cigarettes, One (1) tattoo machine and ink, One (1) small cannabis plant and a quantity of ziplock bags.

While it remains unclear as to how these items continue to enter the prisons, it is widely believed that a handful of rogue prison officers and some privileged prisoners who work daily outside of the prison compounds, may be largely responsible.

Fingers were also pointed some private contractors, particularly garbage collectors, who have been accused in the past of smuggling illegal items into the prisons.

Acting Director of Prison’s Gladwyn Samuels have repeatedly sounded warnings to rogue prison officers, that may be colluding with inmates to smuggle contraband.

At least five prison officers have so far found themselves behind bars for various forms of smuggling which often involve marijuana and communication devices.

For more on this story go to: https://www.guyanaguardian.com/31-improvised-weapons-contraband-found-lusignan-prison-raid/

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