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2022 Year In Review: The Legal Industry

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The Case For Civility Among Attorneys 

By Anna Sanders

Rude, angry and discourteous behavior often makes waves in the legal industry, but less is said about courteous attorneys and the quiet, unseen moments of civility between those on opposing sides. Attorneys who are gracious, kind and professional may have the most impact.

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How Overseas Work Can Force Queer Attys Back In Closet 

By David Hansen

In the right practice, a foreign posting or speaking opportunity can be a career-builder, and a rare chance for a lawyer to learn firsthand how language, culture and the laws of a foreign country impact businesses and litigants. However, LGBTQ attorneys may feel at risk and hide their sexual identities when those countries are hostile to the queer community.

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Law360’s Guide To Biden’s Judicial Picks

By Law360 Staff

UPDATED December 21, 2022 | President Joe Biden aims to reshape the judiciary after Republicans spent four years rapidly confirming President Donald Trump’s nominees to 234 lifetime seats on the federal bench. Here, Law360 charts Biden’s opportunities.

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The 2022 Glass Ceiling Report: Women In Law

For nearly a decade, Law360 has been tracking gender equity at law firms as they continue working to close the gender gap. Our latest report shows where firms are succeeding and where they’re falling short on reaching gender parity.

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The 2022 Diversity Snapshot

For the eighth year in a row, Law360 is taking an in-depth look at law firms’ diversity data to show how they stack up against each other, how far they’ve come, and how far they still have to go.

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Pro Say: The Legal News That Captivated Us In 2022

Another year, another deluge of legal news, and as usual, the Pro Say podcast has you covered with a year-end episode looking back at a historic U.S. Supreme Court term, the legal entanglements of a former president and the flurry of courtroom activity that defined 2022.

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4 Places Where BigLaw Firms Flocked In 2022

By Kevin Penton and Aebra Coe

Larger law firms increasingly expanded their turf into locales such as Miami, Chicago and Washington, D.C., in 2022, following the business generated by emerging companies and industries expanding into new terrain.

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The Biggest Legal Ethics Cases Of 2022

By Andrew Strickler

It was a big, bad year for legal ethics news at the U.S. Supreme Court, with the ground-shaking Dobbs decision leak and revelations that the wife of a sitting justice had backed White House efforts to overturn the result of a presidential election.

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How 2022 Became A Landmark Year For Election Litigation

By Ryan Boysen

By any measure, 2022 was a historic year for election litigation as a deluge of voting rights lawsuits and a hotly contested redistricting process produced landmark rulings and ongoing legal battles that will set the rules for future elections.

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In Hot Lateral Market, Firms Freeze Departing Partners

By Brandon Lowrey

Many firms’ contracts require attorneys to give several weeks or even months of notice, but they rarely enforce the provisions. The recent surge in lateral hiring may have changed that, industry watchers say.

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