March 22, 2023

1st Ira Thompson award

Ms Georgette Ebanks Receives First Ira Thompson Award

On Wednesday, 3 May 2017, Georgette Ebanks was surrounded by the board and staff of the Cayman Islands National Museum, and presented with the first-ever Ira Thompson Award. The honour was in recognition of her “significant contributions to the preservation of our cherished history”.

Ms Georgette’s daughters Anita Ebanks and Laura Henry, and Ira Thompson’s daughters Maxine Marshall and Laverne Daykin, also shared in the special moment.

The Museum Board Chairman, Alfonso Wright, expressed gratitude towards both Ms Georgette’s contributions to the Cayman Islands and for permitting the Museum to exhibit her story and cherished heirlooms for everyone to see.

Ms Georgette shared her sincere gratitude to the museum, and to all present on the special occasion. The daughters of Ira Thompson said they knew how proud their father would have been to know that Ms Georgette Ebanks is the first recipient of the award established in his name.

While enjoying the morning, Ms Georgette shared a moment down memory lane with the Chairman, showing him a graduation photo of herself at a young age. The recipient also spoke with young museum staff members, including Shenice McField, who thanked Ms Georgette “for paving the way for women” such as herself.

Ms Georgette was pivotal in women receiving the right to vote in the Cayman Islands with the passing of the Women’s Suffrage Act. This prompted Ms Georgette to speak emphatically – imparting these wise words to all, “Go out and WOTE”, she said, as Caymanians in the past pronounced the W as a V and vice versa.

Photo caption: (Photo: Brian Watler)


L-r: Georgette Ebanks receives the first-ever Ira Thompson award from Museum Board Chairman chairman Alfonso Wright in the company of Museum Director Peggy Leshikar-Denton.


Maxine Marshall (left) and Laverne Daykin (right) congratulate Georgette Ebanks (centre) on receiving the Ira Thompson award named in memory of their late father.


Cayman Islands National Museum staff and board members with Georgette Ebanks, her daughters and the daughters of the late Ira Thompson.


Georgette Ebanks points to her signature on a poster showing a copy of the first petition signed calling for women’s suffrage in the Cayman Islands.


Georgette Ebanks flanked by her daughters Laura Henry (left) and Museum Board Member Anita Ebanks.

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