June 21, 2021

1966 Syd Mead Design

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This 1966 Syd Mead Design for Ford Looks Like a Proto-Tesla-Cybertruck

By Rain Noe From Core77

The Ford Ranger II was well ahead of its time

Who knew? In the 1960s Syd Mead worked for Ford’s Advanced Styling Studio, and designed this then-unimaginable Ford Ranger II concept:

What’s crazy is that it could somehow transform from a single cab to a double cab, according to Ford’s press release of the time:

Ford Division’s Ranger II is an ultra-modern pickup truck with a custom designed passenger compartment. Seen as a two-seater vehicle in the above photo, the Ranger II converts into a four-passenger pickup (below) at the flick of a finger. The rear portion of the cab moves 18-inches into the bed of the truck while a roof section moves up into position and two additional bucket seats fall into place. The Ranger II’s ultra-streamlined windshield is made of specially tempered plastic-type glass. It also features high intensity headlights of rectangular design, extruded aluminum grille and walnut flooring in the cargo bed.

The vehicle was actually built (on a station wagon platform) and reportedly toured around for a couple of years. Needless to say, it never saw production. Since Tesla’s Cybertruck is going into production, you’ve got to wonder if Mead is sitting somewhere going “Really?!?”

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