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10 Bargain yachts

The top 10 bargain yachts in 2017

By Yacht Harbour From Business Insider

In a digital world where we are constantly flooded with price reduction announcements, yacht sales and new listings, it can be easy to let an opportunity slip away. To kick off 2017 right, we have located some of the best possible bargains on the market right now.

1. One More Toy

Yacht Harbour

Length: 47m (154ft)

First listed: $22,900,000 (2009)

Now asking: $14,900,000

Launched in 2001 by US shipyard, Christensen, One More Toy benefitted from a refit in 2007. She was then listed for sale in May 2009 asking $22,9m and, after five price reductions, she is now asking just 65% of her original price.

2. Carpe Diem II

Yacht harbour

Length: 45.7m (150ft)

First listed: $23,900,000 (2009)

Now asking: $14,499,000

Delivered by US-based Trinity Yachts in 2002, Carpe Diem was listed for sale in 2009 ahead of the delivery of her owner’s larger 58.2-meter Trinity. Upon the new flagship’s launch, she was renamed to Carpe Diem II and underwent a series of price reductions leading to her current $14,499,000 asking price. In 2015, she benefitted from a €1.5m refit giving her a completely new interior.

3. Atmosphere

Yacht harbour

Length: 45.4m (149ft)

First listed: €25,000,000 (2010)

Now asking: €9,950,000

Built by Chile’s Asenav shipyard in 2006, Atmosphere can accommodate 28 guests in 14 cabins. Amongst her facilities are also a spa, sauna and a helipad. Listed for sale asking €25m in 2010, her asking price was slashed by €9m in 2011 and reduced once again in 2014 leading to her current €9,95m asking price, less than half of the original.

4. Penny Mae

Yacht Harbour

Length: 42m (138ft)

First listed: $14,950,000 (2010)

Now asking: $9,950,000

Built by the Canadian, Richmond Yachts in 2004 as hull #2 in the Status Quo series, she recently benefitted from a major interior refit in 2014 and completed her ABS survey in November 2015. Listed for sale in February 2010 asking $14,95m, she underwent a series of price reduction and an agency change in 2016 leading to her current asking price.

5. Aset

Yacht Harbour

Length: 39m (130ft)

First listed: €12,500,000 (2009)

Now asking: €6,700,000

The #8 hull in Overmarine’s popular Mangusta 130 series, Aset can reach a top speed of 32 knots propelled by two MTU engines of 3,645hp each. Having first entered the brokerage market in October 2009, she switched central agencies in 2011 and got a near 50% price reduction as recently as July 2016.

6. Impulsive

Yacht Harbour

Length: 38m (125ft)

First listed: $7,900,000 (2010)

Now asking: $2,899,000

Christened VW2 when launched by Norship in 1994 with her Mulder-designed exterior, the GRP-built yacht is capable of reaching 32 knots. Listed in March 2010 asking $7,9m, her engines and generators were rebuilt later that year during a refit. Four price reductions and an agency change later, she is asking just $2,899,000.

7. G-Force

Yacht harbour

Length: 37.3m (122ft)

First listed: €10,950,000 (2013)

Now asking: €6,950,000

Built in 2006 as part of Heesen’s popular 3700 series, G-Force can accommodate 12 guests in 5 cabins and reach a maximum speed of 31 knots. First listed for sale at €10,95m by Burgess in 2013, her asking price was then reduced in 2015 down to €9,95m before being slashed to just €6,950,000 in 2016.

8. Izumi

Yacht harbour

Length: 36m (120ft)

First listed: €9,900,000 (2011)

Now asking: €5,500,000

Hull #6 of Palmer Johnson’s popular 120 series designed by Nuvolari & Lenard, Izumi was launched in May 2008. Listed for sale in 2011, she went through a series of price reductions leading up to her current asking price of €6,5m.

9. Annagine

Yacht harbour

Length: 34m (110ft)

First listed: €8,400,000 (2011)

Now asking: €3,950,000

Built in the Netherlands in 2011, Annagine allies performance with comfort. Accommodating up to 8 guests in 4 cabins, the aluminium sloop has a cruising speed of 11 knots. Listed for €8,4m in 2011, her price was reduced several times down to the €3,95m she is asking today. A Red Bull team member once base jumped from her mast.

10. Geni

Yacht harbour

Length: 28m (93ft)

First listed: €8,000,000 (2011)

Now asking: €1,950,000

The #25 hull in Overmarine’s popular Mangusta 92 series, Geni has had one owner since delivered in 2008, is in turn key condition and VAT paid. Listed for sale asking €8m in October 2011, she is now asking just a fraction of her original asking price.

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