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“POLICE” ROB GAS STATION: Thieves pose as cops in latest heist

Eastern Ave gas station is the latest Caymanian business to be held up.

“Cost of living will increase” due to crime, says Mr O’Neill

Daring thieves dressed as police officers during the latest armed robbery in Cayman.

Wearing black jackets with the word “POLICE” emblazoned on the back, two men threatened staff at the Texaco gas station on Eastern Avenue.

Monday night’s heist is the latest robbery to hit Cayman. Last Thursday gunmen held up Casanova by The Sea as diners ate.

And last week Amwescay Fashion was robbed. A woman was pistol whipped during a hold-up in Bodden Town and a man was threatened with a gun in Eastern Avenue for his jewellery.

Now the President of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce has warned that the cost of living could dramatically rise if the robberies are not stopped.

Monday night’s gas station robbery happened around 10pm. Two masked men entered the premises wearing gloves and the fake police jackets.

Witnesses say the pair were “quiet as lambs” and, if they had not heard the shop assistant’s scream, they would not have even known a robbery was taking place.

The pump attendant, who asked not to be named, said: “They were very professional.

“The entire robbery took just about 3 to 4 minutes to happen. The men came in really silent like lambs.

“It was a small sum of money in the register. The men just ran away with the cash register, I don’t even know if they put it into a bag.

“The men had one of the cashiers in a corner and she just kept on screaming.”

James O’Neill, President of the Chamber of Commerce, said: “The recent robberies are much bolder and dangerous in nature and we must do everything within our power to support the police so that they can capture the criminals and bring them to justice.

“We also need to increase policing and security measures in areas that have high visitor traffic so that we disrupt the criminals from continuing their illegal ways.

Mr O’Neill also warned that the cost of living will increase because of the rise in crime.

President of the Chamber of Commerce James O’Neill

He added: “No one wants to live in a society of fear.

“We must come together and work with the police, other businesses and community groups to ensure that we have systems in place to share information, protect our businesses and homes and to step up our collective efforts to inform the authorities if we spot any suspicious activities.

“Let’s not tolerate these activities in our community so that we can keep our islands safe.”

Nadia Hardie, Director of Sales at Sunshine Suites, a member of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association added: “In comparison to other islands, Cayman is still very safe but not like it used to be.

“I have lived here since I was 15 back in the mid 1980’s and now as a female resident, I no longer feel safe after dark.”

Additional reporting by Kevin Creary and Tricia Russell-Jones

Recent robberies:

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