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You can E-bank on Kendall!

Kendall Ebanks yesterday set off on an epic journey that could change his whole life.

The 20-year-old West Bayer boarded a flight that will eventually take him 7,000 miles to Azerbaijan at the crossroads of Asia and Europe.

Once there he will team up with the boxing elite.

Kendall was hand picked to receive personal training in the former Soviet Union ahead of the AIBA World Boxing Championships.

After a fine showing at the Pan America Trials in Panama Kendall was chosen to attend the camp before his fellow fighters from the Dalmain Ebanks Boxing Gym.

Jesse Bodden and Dariel Ebanks will follow Kendall on September 22nd to take part in the tournament.

Before boarding his flight Kendall told iNews: “It will be a great experience and fantastic to see a part of the world so many people don’t get the chance to.

“But I’m not going there to see the sights. I’m focused a hundred per cent on my training and the bouts that lay ahead.”

If any of the trio find themselves in a silver or gold medal position after the tournament they will automatically be chosen to represent Cayman at next year’s London Olympics.

Kendall added: “I’m going there to win. We all are. Winning is all that matters and it’s taught to us from as soon as we set foot in the Dalmain Ebanks Gym.

“Personally I have been given an excellent, once in a lifetime, opportunity to receive first class training and I will grab it with both hands.

“I’m not only representing West Bay, and along with Dariel and Jesse we are not just representing the Gym where we train, but the whole of Cayman.

“I have a long journey ahead – and I’m not just talking about my plane ride! I just can’t wait to get over there, get acclimatised, get gloves on and get in the ring.”



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