November 12, 2019

The Editor Speaks: Ash Wednesday still being used for a party


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Colin WilsonwebI am NOT a party pooper. I love a good party.

However, , one of the Holiest Days in the Christian Calendar is NOT the day to celebrate .

I have spoken about this before, however as it seems to be playing to the deaf, the dumb and the blind I am repeating my concern and anger!!

Not even Cayman’s Minister’s Association has awakened to the shameful announcement of the event and protested.

The press release even has the gall to say, “Although Fat Tuesday is typically the day for Mardi Gras to be celebrated in places like New Orleans, it is celebrated in Cayman on the Wednesday as it’s a public holiday, so folks can come out and enjoy themselves for the full day.”

It is a holiday because it is ASH WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!

Ash Wednesday is the start of LENT!!

In previous years the “Cayman Islands’ biggest Mardi Gras party has been held at Kaibo in North Side, however this year the action will be moving to the waterfront on . All roads lead to George Town on Wednesday, March 5, where revelers can dance to Shaggy, live bands and DJs into the night.

“Margaritaville will be one of the main party locations, with DJs spinning tunes all day, and drink specials galore. This is the place to keep your eyes peeled for those always-coveted beads that people want to collect. With a balcony overlooking the street, it’s the ideal spot for them to be dropped to a waiting crowd.

“A main stage will be set up on Harbour Drive and bands will start playing from the early afternoon into the evening. Get your dancing shoes on and get ready to bop to some of the best musicians on the island.

“As the street will be pedestrian-only for the day, satellite bars will be set up along the main drag. Costumes and make-up are encouraged, so now is the time to go digging through your closet for the spangliest outfit you can find.”

And all of this happening right in front of Cayman’s landmark and oldest church – Elmslie Memorial United.

In the last two years the event along Harbour Drive has been fairly small and organised as a Pirates Week fundraiser.  Now, under the new management, they have decided not to do it this year.

And from a small seed now look what has grown.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Season of Lent. It is a season of penance, reflection, and fasting which prepares us for Christ’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday, through which we attain redemption.

Even in New Orleans the heart of Mardis Gras – the partying finishes on Tuesday March 4th at precisely one minute before midnight!

It is called Ash Wednesday because ashes are placed on the foreheads of Christians to remind us that life passes away on Earth. We humble our hearts and remember:

“Man is dust, and unto dust you shall return.”

Ash Wednesday must NEVER be used as a day FOR PARTYING!

Go to the Agricultural Show instead – after or before attending Church!

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