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Victim’s sister faints after murder

Andrew Baptist’s sister fainted after hearing news of her brother’s death

Two murders in two days was just too much for many to handle.

As the shocking news of yet another gangland execution reached the people of West Bay, it was clear emotions were running high.

As crowds gathered at the scene of this latest crime, some people began to faint.

One woman who hit the ground amid the mayhem on the street was the sister of Andrew Baptist, the latest murder victim.

The resolve and training of the RCIPS officers was intensely criticised, after a member of the crowd announced that they were not taking proper control of the situation.

“Worthless, good for nothing officers, only know how to drive around in their fancy cars and they are not doing a thing,” said an angry bystander.

Claims that the police were ineffective worsened after a stream of traffic was seen coming towards the site of the fainting victims.

The crowd briefly acted as police officers, directing the traffic away from the site of the oncoming ambulance, before the police took control.

The paramedics could clearly be seen resuscitating the slain resident’s sister.

One friend of Mr Baptist, who asked not to be named, said: “This really is bad. Just look how hard his mother tried with him.

“I used to see him going to school and at about that time he was fifteen, just finishing school. I think John Gray was the last school he attended.

“I believe he was raised on Birch Tree Hill Road, but moved to Boatswain Bay for about the last eight or ten years.

“I don’t know if he was in any gang because it would be hard to tell.

“Based on where he lived it would be hard to even tell which set of guys he would be linked with, because where he was living would fall right in the middle of two different communities.

“It’s really hard what is happening in Cayman right now. I can’t believe this is happening to this little country that we love so much.”

Additional reporting by Tricia Russel-Jones



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