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Unity in the House and disunity in Gangland

It was wonderfully refreshing to find a normally divided House unanimously supporting Friday’s (9) motion by Premier Hon. McKeeva Bush, calling for Governor H.E. Duncan Taylor and RCIPS Commissioner David Baines to provide a lead on permanent enhancements in the capability to recruit and deploy a Serious Organised Crime Unit.

Commissioner Baines, for his part, said in a meeting with the Legislative Assembly that Taser guns would be introduced as well as an increase in manpower. I applaud this initiative, as it is a step in the right direction.

Fight fire with fire? Shouldn’t the private security officers be so similarly manned after the appropriate training under RCIPS supervision and certification? I fail to see why there should be an objection to this? The RCIPS cannot stop the current wave of armed robberies and violence on their own. The scumbags we have littering our streets are cowards and they may think twice about robbing a premises if they think they might get hurt. Tasers do hurt!!

This is not a pretty society we are living in now. We cannot blame the expats and especially the Jamaicans living here for the criminal activities. The majority are young Caymanians who think they are ‘real men’ when they rob helpless unarmed people including women, even shooting them after they have been robbed. The ‘closed’ community here, where so many people are related to one another, is another reason why no one comes forward. That MUST change. Keeping silent on a relation, even a close loved one you know is involved in criminal activity, is so very wrong. You cannot really love that person if you look the other way. Your relation, your friend, your loved one will die – and soon. If it is not by the police it will be by other gangland members. We already have gangland territories. Only last night (13) a man in West Bay was shot and killed in his car. This would appear not to be a random shooting. When thieves fall out, disunity is in. Keeping silent is almost committing murder yourself.

Violence reaps violence? We already have it. It took the Earp brothers to clean up Tombstone. MLA Anthony Eden has Betsy. Soon the RCIPS will have Tasers.


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