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Today’s news, tomorrow’s kennel liners

Tunde MacDonald ( 4th back from the left) and other Rotaract Blue members

Rotaract Blue Cayman Islands is at work in the community again. The month of July was all about their book drive, while this month they are focusing on a newspaper collection drive.

Inspired by the fact that July is literacy month in the Rotaract calendar, the group took matters in their own hands and distributed flyers to all it’s members to put in their work places. It was then the responsibility of each member to keep a collection of all the books they received for the drive.

There were over a thousand books donated to the cause. 775 were donated to the East End Public Library, while approximately 200 were donated to the University College of the Cayman Islands. Even though the drive is over there are still more books coming in to members of Rotaract Blue for donation.

Tunde McDonald the Community Service Director said, “It’s been very successful and I’m hoping to have the same success with the newspaper drive.”

The newspaper drive for this month was done in the same fashion as the book drive. Rotaract Blue members handed out flyers and were made responsible for collecting newspapers in their place of work. The collected newspapers will be going to the Cayman Islands Humane Society to line the kennels.

The Humane Society goes through papers quickly and is very happy to receive as many as possible. Tunde MacDonald said persons who want to help out with the project or to help the Humane Society can take newspapers straight to the Cayman Islands Humane Society for use.

The newspaper collection drive continues until August 26th so if you know any Rotaract members make sure to hand over your papers over and if not then make sure you drop off your papers at the Humane Society at anytime.

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