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Tigers’ 12-game winning streak snapped by A’s

Oakland Athletics center fielder Coco Crisp

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Jim Leyland sat in his office, his lucky cigar resting unlit in a nearby ashtray. He’s going to throw the unused portion away — and get a clean change of underwear — now that his team’s 12-game winning streak came to an end.

“I’ll still smoke some of it,” Leyland said. “It’s a $40 cigar and was a gift after all.”

David DeJesus hit a three-run homer in the first, Brandon McCarthy pitched seven strong innings and the Oakland Athletics snapped Detroit’s longest winning streak in 77 years with a 6-1 victory on Thursday night, delaying the Tigers chance to clinch the AL Central Division title.

“We have 12 games left to win it,” Tigers starter Max Scherzer said. “You have to like our chances. But we haven’t won anything yet.”

Leyland will get a new change of underwear when his team goes for their first outright title since 1987 on Friday night. He said before the game that he had not changed (nor washed) his underwear during the 12-game winning streak.

“It wasn’t anything we did or didn’t do,” Leyland said. “We just got beat. We were ready to play but their pitcher has figured out the art of pitching. Give him all the credit.”

The Tigers have not finished first since taking the AL East nearly a quarter-century ago. They only playoff appearance since then came in 2006, when they won the wild card.



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