February 20, 2024

The fDi Report 2018: European Inward FDI increases by 14%

Europe focus: Inward FDI increases by 14% in 2017

The fDi Report 2018 – our annual assessment of crossborder investment based on the fDi Markets service from the Financial Times – can reveal:
FDI into Europe increased by 14% in 2017, with a total inward capital investment of $183.9bn.

The total number of FDI projects into western Europe increased by 4% while capital investment grew by 13% from $106.2bn in 2016 to $120.2bn in 2017.

FDI into Emerging Europe increased across project numbers (8%) and capital investment (17%), yet retained only 25% of total market share for projects.

The number of FDI projects into Poland increased 24% to 338, ranking it fifth as a destination market for FDI into Europe.

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Key FDI trends in Europe

FDI projects into Luxembourg grew from 19 in 2016 to 42 in 2017, a growth rate of 121%. Meanwhile capital investment into the country increased by 506%.

Although the UK topped the tables for FDI in 2017, it experienced a 10% decline in project numbers from 1,042 in 2016 to 939 in 2017. Inward capital investment also fell by 5%.

Estonia strengthened as a source market, seeing a 200% increase in the total number of outward projects from 8 to 24.

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