February 20, 2024

The Editor Speaks: Wong was wrong but Immigration was right

Deputy Chief Immigration Officer (DCIO) Garfield Wong was found guilty last Wednesday of careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. The third charge against him of DUI was found not guilty.

On December 27th 2013 Wong was driving a Dodge Ram truck along Shamrock Road when he collided with a BMW driven by a female. Inexplicably, Wong left the scene of the accident.

He even pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ to all three charges.

His sentencing will have to wait until Tuesday, Sept. 18th.

Why the wait?

The social media has been having a field day and it is apparent from there Mr. Wong is not very popular.

Many writers have commented Wong should have immediately been placed on suspension that would have meant he would have joined all the other government workers being paid fully for doing precisely nothing!

I am very, very pleased that did not happen.

The Ministry of Immigration is 100 per cent correct.

They issued a Statement confirming their senior official is still in his post.

“The Ministry will revaluate DCIO Wong’s circumstances once the court’s actions on these traffic matters are concluded”, the Statement concluded.

So, we will have to wait and see what Wong’s punishment will be. One can only wonder why he left the scene. It might have been that he had, had, a few drinks…….

If that was his reasoning he is setting a very bad example and a person in his senior position that administers immigration law should know better.

He is indeed a very lucky man his Defense Attorney was able to make a case that the procedures used in administering the test did not meet the legal requirements.

The officer who administered the breath test could not recall if the arresting officer was in the room or not, as prescribed by law!

Magistrate Grace Donalds was persuaded by this to administer her not guilty verdict.

In Wong’s mind he probably feels he was right to run.

In the vast majority of the public’s opinion Wong was wrong.

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