February 20, 2024

The Editor Speaks: Where were you when the UK left Europe?

Colin Wilsonweb2I have to admit to being stunned, shaken and stirred when I watched the United Kingdom’s Referendum’s results coming in last Thursday evening.

I still cannot believe it even though the warnings were plain to see.

I was watching the BBC World News and not Sky News that the male co host of the Rooster Morning talk show raved about on Friday. Unfortunately he didn’t learn anything from their pundits when he told the female host that the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, was “a coward” for resigning. If that is the caliber and intelligence of one of the hosts, then thank goodness I rarely ever listen to the programme.

I happened to hear it because I was taking my wife’s car in for a service early in the morning and the radio was tuned into Rooster101.

There was certainly surprise at his comment from the female host (Barrie Quappe) but I wished she had taken him to task. I would have called him an idiot but that is probably a good thing I wasn’t on the air!

The task of now getting out of the European Union is immense and does this host really think that the “Leave Europe” brigade would have any confidence in a man leading all the negotiations is a man who has campaigned and staked his whole career on staying in?

Does he really think David Cameron can lead a country that is opposed to what he believes is the best for the country?

Does he really think David Cameron can suddenly change his hat and support the Leaves?

David Cameron gave a well written and emotional speech explaining why he has resigned. Perhaps this self-opinioned host can explain where the “coward” adjective applies?

And do listeners want to hear a host’s opinions? I was taught a host of a talk show, like an interviewer, is supposed to be the Devil’s Advocate. Seemingly times have changed. Radio and television hosts here in the Cayman Islands like to give their ill founded opinions because they are wannabe politicians…..

The message of the result is the same message why Donald Trump won the Republican Party nomination against all the odds and adverse media propaganda, the general public do not trust their leaders anymore.

And they do not trust the huge media houses and their pundits when they see the blatant biasness going on because the controllers there believe the public will soak up every lie/spin they put out.

The poor and now the middle class have been misunderstood and misrepresented for far too long. The middle class, especially, has seen their hard earned money eroded and given to the elite few who have got richer than they already are while the rest of the world suffers.

And then there is the migrants. They are hungry and they have to be given it for free. They cannot be allowed to starve. Their plight makes one want to cry. But who has to pay for it? Not the filthy rich nor the huge corporations who won’t pay their taxes. It is the working public. They have to miss out on their rightful and paid-for state support.

When I watched the arrogant president of the European commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, on Friday say he wanted the UK out as quickly as possible and when asked by a BBC reporter if he was worried there might be a “ripple effect” from UK’s exit spurring some other countries to do the same that might cause a crack in the Union, he gave a curt “No” and walked out.

Martin Schulz, the president of the European parliament, echoed the same and showing how out of touch he is, reported as saying, “it was difficult to accept that ‘a whole continent is taken hostage because of an internal fight in the Tory party’”.

They don’t understand do they? The Brexit vote should be seen as a wake-up call for a union that is increasingly losing touch with its people.

The warnings were there. I refused to see it but I do now.

I doubt, somehow, the leaders will. They will be playing their fiddles whilst all around them burns.

Where were you when the UK left Europe? I watched it on television and I was playing no music. I was too stunned, shaken and stirred.

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