February 20, 2024

The Editor Speaks: A quick exit after all and a new entrance

Colin Wilsonweb2After what seemed to be a long wait for UK’s former Prime Minister, David Cameron, to exit he suddenly was gone.

And a woman has come to the fore, Theresa May.

I have to admit I have not been a huge follower of UK’s politics until the General Election this year and Cameron’s surprising victory.

I should have been more awake to what has been going on with Brexit that was obvious to me as being a waste of time. The UK was going to stay in and so thought David Cameron as he wouldn’t have called the Referendum. He didn’t have to and, oh boy, did he catch a cold! Or was it a strain of Zika he caught?

And who is Theresa May? Now I had heard of Boris Johnson – he was Lord Mayor of London. I actually came very close to him. True.

Actually not really true. I was close to his voice.

You see, International Welsh Soprano, Lisa Carlisle was in my office four (or was it five years?) ago. Her cell phone had rung and she was talking to someone at the other end trying to explain she couldn’t sing for him/her as she had another date. Whoever it was wouldn’t take no for an answer and she reluctantly said she would meet with the person when she arrived back in London in two days hence.

The person at the other end was Boris Johnson.

If that is an indication he doesn’t back down without a fight.

It was therefore with some surprise he didn’t continue his fight to become the Prime Minister as he was at the front of the Brexit exit campaign and he was the bookie’s favourite to take David Cameron’s place who had announced he was standing down

He was stabbed in the back by his “friend” and mortally wounded. He wouldn’t run to be Prime Minister. He was the prime leader in Brexit and half the country blamed him. It seemed his political career was over for some time. He would go into hiding. Write a book or two. Appear on some television game shows, probably the UK version of Dancing with the Stars, and become a political analyst.

I am surprised again. Theresa May, who had poked fun of his work outside of the UK when he was Lord Mayor of London, shocked I believe everyone, by naming Boris as head of the Foreign Office.

That means he is our top man, and although there will be a Junior Minister appointed to deal directly with us he is the engine.

I must admit I was very impressed with PM May’s first public speech in her new job. So she must have a very good reason for this appointment.

And what a job she has.

She is the new look and after a surprisingly quick exit she has made a surprising entrance, and appointment.

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