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The ‘dark hand’ and editorials

I have tried very hard to be positive and not negative in any of my editorials. When I was approached re buying one of the present newspapers (which didn’t happen) a germ of an idea formed in my head. The result is iNews Cayman. The one criteria with this newspaper (apart from its size) was to place the positive things first about our wonderful island. Our publisher, Joan (Watler) Wilson, has a lineage that goes back to the very first settlers here. She is very much part of this concept and is very much aware of the harm some of the blogs do to our country. I will be away from my desk over the next eight issues and she will be writing these editorials. The many of you who are acquainted with Joan know she tells it as it is – she pulls no punches! But she tells the truth because she has a love for her country that has no equal. She is strong but passionate and she cries every night as she sees what is happening here.

Trying to be positive does not mean ignoring the negative things happening in the Cayman Islands today. I have an opinion, as does every editor, and when it is my opinion I say so. That is why I use the word ‘I’ and not the normal ‘voice of the newspaper’ style. When I have ‘a go’ I always try to suggest an alternative in a polite manner, except when gangsters and hoodlums are concerned. I have NEVER sought out one particular person, especially politicians, governmental officials, police, and, of course, H.E. the Governor. Most of these people know me. I have great respect for all of them. I have no ulterior motives and I am certainly not a ‘mysterious dark hand’ seeking to undermine the Cayman Islands. I am, therefore, very surprised to hear the premier blaming ‘media editorials’ as part of this ‘dark hand.’ Whilst I cannot speak for the other media newspapers I cannot remember anything printed recently in their editorials to warrant being so accused.

The meeting Hon. McKeeva Bush called last Wednesday (21) appealing to the West Bay community was for the most part very positive and I applaud his initiative in doing it. I really don’t think he can do more as premier now to try and stem the gang warfare on our streets. One of our reader’s posted on our Facebook page a link to an article our reporter, Tad Stoner, wrote when he was working for another news publication on Island, entitled “Gang war is on”. The article was written on Thu 28th April, 2005. In it he quoted Det. Sergeant Beersingh, a top Special Branch Officer who said, “Like other places, Cayman’s gangs started as juvenile groups from middle and high schools.” I urge everyone to go to our Facebook page to get the link and read it and especially our leaders. What a pity so few of the excellent recommendations that were made in his article were not implemented.

The meeting turned very political at its conclusion as was expected. I hope all the government ministers and the opposition go, not in a huge group, to the gang areas of West Bay, Bodden Town, etc. and talk to the youths there. Listen and learn. And keep going back.

We don’t want any ‘dark hands’ – only a warm hand of friendship.


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