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Texaco gives away another $20,000 cash prize

Texaco wraps up the Unbeatable Promotion with another $20,000 Grand Prize.

When the final grand prize was drawn live on Cayman 27’s Daybreak at Walkers Road Texaco, the winner who fills up at the same location just happened to be right next door. Juan Garcia was in shock when Z99 DJs Jason Howard and Morgan Malewicz called to tell him he won $20,000 in the Texaco Unbeatable Promotion.

The Cayman Imports employee, and father of two, quickly walked across the car park to the service station. After getting over the initial shock, Mr. Garcia told of his plans to put the money to very good use, “I would like to buy a house.” Now with an extra $20,000 in the bank, he is closer to making his dream of home-ownership come true.

Mr. Garcia was the second Cayman resident to drive away from Texaco $20,000 richer. On June 29th primary school teacher Ruby Petrie won the first of the two grand prizes in the Texaco Unbeatable Promotion.

Chevron Caribbean Inc., through its Texaco Brand, has become known for its Unbeatable Promotions, giving away over $12,000 in fuel vouchers in June and July as well.  In year’s past, Texaco has given away numerous cars and other prizes, but this year decided to give cash prizes.

According to Chevron’s Area Marketing Support Coordinator Howard Henry, “We surveyed our customers and the overwhelming response was that cash is king.” In addition to the two cash grand prizes, Texaco partnered with Z99 to give away $400 in fuel vouchers per day.

“We thank all of our loyal customers and new customers for trusting their cars to the Star,” says Henry, “and we are committed to keep offering great service, great performance and Unbeatable Promotions to Cayman’s drivers.”



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