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Hormone test can predict unhealthy aging

A hormone found in the blood that’s commonly linked to heart disease also might signal when someone is more likely to grow weaker or lose their ability to balance before they’re 70. People in their early 60s with higher-than-normal levels…

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Humans didn’t speed up the drying of the Sahara, and in fact they may have delayed it

By Mike Wehner From BGR Today the Sahara desert is a dry, dusty, sandy land that stretches for millions of miles, but it wasn’t always this way. Go back at little as 8,000 years and you’ll find it was actually…

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Key marijuana drug approval looms as cannabis goes mainstream

From Newsmax Evidence that cannabis can ease epilepsy and other conditions is building as a British company counts down to what would be the first U.S. government approval for a prescription drug derived from the marijuana plant. GW Pharmaceuticals, which…

The Editor Speaks: “The Day After Tomorrow”

“The Day After Tomorrow” was a disaster film that depicted catastrophic climatic effects following the disruption of the North Atlantic Ocean circulation in a series of extreme weather events that usher in global cooling and lead to a new ice…

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Just one cigarette a day linked to risk of serious heart problems – study

By PRESS ASSOCIATION From This is Money UK Even smoking just one cigarette a day is linked to major risk of heart problems, a new study suggests. Researchers said there is “no safe level” of smoking as they urged smokers…

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How fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated and can con you out of your pension

By Jane Fae From Independent UK Unexpected phone calls over the weekends, fake threats of scams, fake bank accounts – they’re all things we need to look out for. But are the banks really doing enough to protect the wary older and…

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Scientists figured out how to read ancient mummy texts without destroying their glorious boxes

By Mike Wehner From BGR Archaeologists often have to walk a very thin line between studying historical artifacts and preserving them in as pristine of condition as possible. For researchers studying ancient Egyptian mummies, that line is often quite blurry,…

Gadget of the week

Prostate cancer laser treatment cures half of trial subjects By Steve Dent From engadget Normal side effects like erectile dysfunction were almost non-existant. A new prostate cancer treatment that combines lasers and deep-sea bacteria could be “truly transformative,” according to…

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2 babies with leukemia are in remission more than a year after getting treated with gene-edited cells

By Ben Hirschler, Reuters From Business Insider LONDON (Reuters) – Two babies rescued from previously incurable leukemia after receiving infusions of gene-edited immune cells are doing well at home more than a year after initial treatment, scientists said on Wednesday….

A Smithsonian museum for London?

London could soon have its very own 40,000-square-foot Smithsonian museum By The Associated Press From Mashable As London works to redevelop its Olympic park from 2012 with a new cultural center, it could eventually include an import from the United…