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Stroke and Stride final sets Sunset alight

Marius Acker strode to victory for the third time at the final Ogier Stroke and Stride event at Sunset House.

Well over a hundred competitors took part in the event, including His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Duncan Taylor.

The third and final leg of the event saw the swimming distance increase, from 600m in the previous race to 800m. But choppy seas didn’t prevent Matthew Courtis from completing in a decisively better swim time.

It was the grueling two mile run along South Church Street that finally decided the winner, as Acker crossed the finish line with a time of with a time of 20:37. Johan Heath was third individual in 23:28.

Among the women competitors, Jacqui Retief came first with a time of 24:40. Pam Abbott came second, with a time of 25:56, and Emily Davies came in third, with a time of 27:18.

In the team section the Cajun Hounds came first, ahead of Lusher & Lowry, The 2nd A Team.

Although The Everything Is Irie team of Andrea Gillam-Higo and Cynthia Hew didn’t break into the top three team placings, their strong series-long results earned them third-place team overall honours. Triathlon Association representatives thanked sponsors, officials, volunteers and of course competitors for the
events success.

Gratitude was also extended to Sunset House for providing the venue and refreshments for the event, and also to the event’s major
sponsor, Ogier.

The event is a charity fund-raiser and attracts a wide range of abilities; from those that regularly compete, to those that just want to get out and get some exercise in a fun environment.



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