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Storm Deaths Preventable – Use Common Sense

Hurricane Irene was a category one storm when it hit the northeast United States. Yet the storm caused 44 deaths, 43 in the US and 1 in Canada.

Emergency personnel categorise many of these deaths as ‘preventable’, reports Emergency Management & Training Inc. and so the organisation urges people to use common sense.

During Irene, three drownings occurred when people went wading, surfing and wind surfing. Two boating accidents also claimed lives.

Three people were electrocuted by downed power lines, and eight were killed by falling trees or branches.

More than 10 deaths were caused by careless driving on wet and flooded roads.

With the Cayman Islands in the height of the storm season, Hazard Management Cayman Islands (HMCI) wants to underscore for residents the dangers associated with tropical storms.

“People should not be near the sea, and they should not be swimming, surfing or boating,” HMCI Director McCleary Frederick emphasises.

“Trees or branches, that could damage your house if they fell, should be cut down or trimmed.

“Each year we remind residents to report downed power lines after a storm passes, and to follow all safety guidelines when operating generators,” says Mr. Frederick.

The newsletter reports that Hurricane Irene claimed the life of one paramedic who died trying to rescue people in a car carried away by flood waters.

“Some people have difficulty realising that, if they choose to do something dangerous, they can put other people at risk as well,” says Mr. Frederick.

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