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Store owner’s warning after armed robbery

Kathleen Alexis

A woman has spoken of her horror after armed thieves threatened her and her mother during a terrifying hold-up.

Staff were closing Amwescay Fashions in Shedden Road around 7.15pm on Monday night.

Two masked men burst in and stole almost $800 from the till and the owner’s purse.

Store owner Kathleen Alexis, 40, said she was in the shop with her mother, Medora, when the robbery took place.

She revealed how the gunman pointed his weapon into her mother’s face during the stick-up.

And she has warned fellow store owners to be on the guard as the number of robberies increase.

Ms Alexis said: “I was sitting inside here behind the counter and I saw two men just walk inside, both of them had hand guns.

“One of the gunmen pointed his gun at me and said, give me the money. I gave him about $200 which was all the money that I had in my purse.

“The other gunman walked over to the cash register where my mother was standing and pointed his gun at her.

“After he pointed the gun at my mother he just opened the cash register and took out all the money, and that was almost $600 dollars, or $550.00

“There was nobody else in the shop and we were just getting ready to close.

“I have been doing business at this location for about three and a half years and this has never happened, this is the first hold up.

“I always knew that something like this could happen, because I see it happening all around the area.

“In the past they robbed the little Minnie Mart, they robbed Archie’s Bar, and they broke into Funky Tangs.

“I was very scared, because the robbers used to just rob people but now they are firing shots and shooting people.

“My mother is very frightened, it is very scary, the robbers just walked in very comfortable, people were outside the store but it would be hard for them to tell what was happening.

“I think that crime is getting out of hand, business kind of slow down in the island now.

“It was clear that the guys just came for the money. Even though no one was hurt, just looking at the guns felt like I was getting a beating. They couldn’t beat me any harder than the way how it felt getting robbed by gunmen.

“Every time I think about the whole situation that took place, it’s frightening.

Amwescay Fashions

“I want to get CCTV and I also want to put in some security measures. What happened to me can happen to anyone at all.”

Both suspects are described as being of slim build and between 5’8” to 5’10” in height. Both were brown skinned, were wearing gloves and had black t-shirts wrapped around their faces. The suspect who spoke during the robbery had what has been described as a Caymanian accent. They escaped in a gray Honda Civic.

Anyone with any information about this crime, or who saw the suspects or the car before or after the crime, should contact George Town CID on 949-4222 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS).


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