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Starting the school year right

Cayman Islands Baptist Church, Pedro Castle Road.

Savannah Primary School students, together with their parents and teachers, gathered at the Cayman Islands Baptist Church on Pedro Castle Road to welcome the new school year on 6 September.

Starting with the national anthem, the short programme included a welcome by Executive Principal Gloria Bell, scripture reading by Tahj Ewens and school prayer by Sascha Broderick.

Youth and Sports Minister, the Hon. Mark Scotland, JP, acting in his capacity as PTA president, encouraged students to listen to their teachers and to work hard both during school hours and at home.

He also thanked parents in attendance for their continued support of school initiatives, noting how exciting it was to observe the ongoing work on the new classrooms and field under construction just behind the school.

Pastor Randy Von Kanel delivered a short homily on confidence, which is also the school’s Primary Years’ Programme (PYP) attitude for September.

He told the students of David’s confidence when, with no armour, five stones and a sling, he fought the giant Philistine, Goliath.

Monique Hernandez and Brianna Bodden playing a musical piece This is my Father’s World.

Pastor Von Kanel explained, “I share this story with you because there is lots of nervousness at the beginning of each school year. For some it’s because you’re entering a new school, and for others it’s because you’ll now have new teachers and must also make new friends.

“But we can trust God to help us,” he continued. “If we commit the school year to Him, we can have confidence.”

The ceremony closed with a musical item by Monique Hernandez and Brianna Bodden and a prayer by Bodden Town MLA Dwayne Seymour.

Savannah Primary traditionally starts each September with a convocation service inviting God’s blessing on the school year.

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