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Speeding and drinking – disaster in the making

With the sudden spate of road accidents, one a horrific tragedy resulting in the death of a pregnant woman, one wonders why it keeps happening? It would appear that both speeding and drinking was the cause of this one. Undue care and attention is also a contributing factor along with irresponsible flaunting of the rules of the road.

No matter how many warnings are given out by the police, by themselves and through all the media outlets; no matter how many horrific pictures are shown; no matter how many deaths and terrible maiming of survivors of the crashes occur; no one seems to think it can happen to them. It can. It does! It will!!

Penalties for driving under the influence have increased. Fines for speeding have increased. Police presence on our roads has increased. Public awareness of speeding and drinking has increased (by advertising campaigns in the press, television and at the cinema).

Our roads have better infrastructure and is the envy of most Caribbean countries. This should make our roads safer. We have restrictive speed limits. Is there anymore we can do?

The answer has to be ‘Yes’. So what more can we do? I would welcome the RCIPS, CI Roads Advisory Council and other similar bodies including the service clubs, to get together and come up with some innovative ideas in how we can do better. For instance, is enough done in the schools to educate our youth that speeding and drinking kill? Does our advertising need to be more graphic? A very vivid campaign showing the horrors of drunken driving done a few years ago in Canada reaped rewards despite much debate when it was brought in initially – most of which was negative. If, showing a blood spattered mangled body and hearing people crying uncontrollably stops a death on our roads – isn’t it worth it?


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