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Shanice plays with a Samba beat

Football freestyler Shanice Monteith really turns heads when she gets a ball at her feet.

For the teenager dazzles crowds with her amazing ball-skills that would put many professionals to shame.

The art of freestyling may be more akin to the streets of Brazil where the skills of the beautiful game have been honed.

But 18-year-old Shanice, a UCCI student, can clearly play to the Samba beat.

And it’s thanks to youtube that her skills have been developed.

Shanice, who was born in George Town but lives Savannah, said: “When I was 10 years old I used to play by myself with a football.

“I used to always watch football demonstrations on YouTube.

“When I watch the YouTube videos and I see football tricks that I like I practice very hard at them.

“There are quite a lot of styles and tricks in football.

“I have been playing competitively now for about 12 years.

“I do not only know how to juggle with the football, I play football a lot more often than I juggle.

“I have been playing on Cayman Island’s National Teams now for about five or six years.”

The potential star player says she is preparing her body for future endeavours with physical training. She said: “As you grow older the game becomes more physically stressful on your body.

“Without good physical conditioning of your body you cannot perform to your maximum potential.”

The budding young star also says that in addition to being a positive Caymanian ambassador, she wants to be an ambassador for all women everywhere.

Shanice Monteith will be part of the Cayman Island’s National Senior Women’s Team, travelling to Suriname in October to vie for a spot in the Under 20 Women’s World Cup.

But she says opportunities for women in the sport need to be increased.

She added:  “There are not many opportunities for women to develop interest in the sport of football.

“There are about seven or eight football leagues for men, and just two for women.

“Not many women are interested in football, but the availability of more leagues could encourage them.” said Shanice.


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