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School’s in at George Town Primary

Pens and pencils are at the ready, lunchboxes are packed and shoes are shined because this month the new 2011-2012 school year begins.

The reception class of the George Town Primary school consists of students taking their first step into primary level education.

These students aged between 4 and 5 years old started their first day of formal school mostly with tear-filled eyes.

Teacher, Ms. Tunisia Barnes, said, “The kids only cried for around five to ten minutes after their parents left because for most of them it was their first day of formal school.”

Ms. Barnes also added that the children settled in very soon and began to explore their new classroom filled with new and fun things to do.

“Once they saw the stage in the classroom and all the pictures, games and toys, they soon forgot it was their first day in a strange place and ended up really enjoying the rest of the day.”

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