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Santa Claus is coming…in summer?

The Ballroom at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort was the venue for Celebrations last month with a ‘Christmas In July,’ exhibition of different themed Christmas décor.

Celebrations’ Event Planner, Jessica Bodden said, “Celebrations are working together with the Marriott to display rental items and different themes, either for Christmas or for all events all year round.  We have Crystal Christmas, Tropical Haven and Romantic Splendor here on display.” she said.

Crystal Christmas felt cool- even in summer in the Cayman Islands. There were large spheres, each glowing with a blue light, and an all blue Christmas tree. Four of the blue balls were grouped together, with a sheet of glass on the top to form what looked like a table made of ice. White sofas grouped around the table completed the cold frost and snow feeling.

In contrast, the other part of the ballroom was filled with rich, warm reds and oranges.

”This is the Romantic Splendor theme– there’s lace overlays and lots of roses and red candlelight.” Ms Bodden explained.

There was also a more modern twist on the traditional Christmas feel. “Instead of using our regular chairs, we used our lounge seats – covered in orange material.” Ms. Bodden said. Little orange trees too in the background, gave the traditional Christmas décor that tropical twist.

The third theme, Tropical Haven, seemed to be the ideal outside arrangement – a large framework made of bamboo enclosed a long dining table.

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