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Racism is a difficult subject to tackle and our premier, Hon. McKeeva Bush, has made mention of it in recent speeches and even in a knuckle rapping he gave our Editor-in Chief. Of all the places I have visited racism is much less obvious here and therefore I was surprised at his comments.

Our education system would seem to be geared towards a culture free of such racism. Tolerance toward race, religion, colour, and sexual orientation is taught in the classroom. I 100% support this. We must expose racism and bigotry for what they are.

Racism is based on ignorance, stereotyping and learned hatred. Many people accept that we live in a diverse society today and we appreciate different cultures. Why then are there still large segments of society that won’t accept human capacities are not determined by race?

It is important to understand the nature of racism and intolerance. Together we can end prejudice. It is not an issue that will be easily resolved, and the sooner that we begin to work together the sooner we’ll come to a solution. If children are given the opportunity to develop close friendships with people of different races they will accept people as individuals. There is no room for discrimination. Children are influenced by the world around them.

I don’t hate all the people in the world, I only feel ill towards those who are blind and cannot accept people for who they are.

John Lennon said, “I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will live as one.”



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