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Police find nothing and call off search for Kerran

Police have called off the sea search for Kerran Natalee Baker, missing since 30 July, saying they had scoured the sea between Pedro Castle and East End, finding nothing.

“In the last 24 hours, we conducted an in-water search starting at the Pedro area where her car was found,” said Detective Inspector Marlon Bodden on Friday.

“The water search took the dive team eastward, as the currents and drift patterns drove officers straight to East End,” he said.

They had found nothing, Mr Bodden said, “but that is not to say we know she is there”. Police were pursuing “any conceivable possibility. We have not given up on our objective.

“We have ceased the dive search at this time, barring any developments”, Mr Bodden said. Renewing the hunt “has a lot of safety issues and needs to be well thought out.”

Ms Baker, 25, a George Town nursing assistant, vanished sometime after 7:00pm on Saturday, 30 July. Friends reported her missing on Sunday, triggering a police alert.

Seachers found groceries and her handbag on her kitchen counter at her Arrow Drive home in Bodden Town, subsequently spotting her white Honda Civic parked near Pedro Castle, car keys in the grass and a possible bloodstain on the
nearby shoreline.

At police headquarters on Friday, Ms Baker’s sister, Toney-Ann Anthony, 18, and aunt, Iona “Patsy” Anthony-Beadle, 46, made a plea
for information.

“We really, really need to locate her,” said Ms Anthony. “This has been devastating to our family, and our mom has taken it harder than anyone else. Please, everyone play their part. I am willing to talk to anyone, listen to anything. We really need to know whether she is dead or alive.” Breaking under the strain, Ms Anthony-Beadle begged
for information.

“This is tearing our hearts apart. We need her. We just want to take her home. We are her family. We are good people. Just tell us where she is. We need your help, we need the churches, we need your prayers. Please help us, no matter what.

“Kerren,” she said, “please make a sign so that we can find you.”

Moved, Mr Bodden said this was “not the kind of circumstance we like to be part of. I can never use words to express this show of pain and distress. We need information and assistance. We continue our line of enquiry.”

Kerran’s aunt, Iona “Patsy” Anthony-Beadle, and sister, Toney-Ann Anthony.

Chief Inspector John Jones described some of the leads police had pursued, but said no one had been arrested.

Acting on a reports of a late-Saturday sighting of Ms Baker’s car, he said, officers had found little in a Thursday search of Midway Close, near Lower Valley.

“We didn’t find anything, but if that sighting is true, please tell us. Did anyone see the car parked in Midway Close? Was anyone driving by on Shamrock Road? Please phone us,” Mr Jones said.

A previous boyfriend, he said, had been questioned and released, DNA analysis of the Pedro Castle bloodstain was pending and collected. CCTV footage was under review.

“We are keeping an open mind to all possibilities because it’s very dangerous to go down a single line [of enquiry].” Mr Jones said. “We are struggling for clues.”


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