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Pink Ladies volunteer as trolley dollies

Several students took time out of their school and university holidays this summer to volunteer with the Pink Ladies Trolley Service at the Cayman Islands Hospital. Eilidh Bridgeman, Ann Kinch, Courtenay Moon, Kia Macfee and Amy Whicker all took their turn at operating the trolley service which sells hot & cold drinks, snacks, patties, cakes, fruit etc to the Staff, Patients and Visitors at the Hospital. The Trolley Service is entirely volunteer run and Pink Ladies are most grateful to these students and to all the volunteers who help to keep the trolley service in operation. The Pink Ladies trolley service is well supported and warmly welcomed around the hospital wards and offices and volunteers are always needed to help with the service which operates on Monday and Thursday mornings from 9am-1130am. Email [email protected] to volunteer.


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