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Ophelia strengthens but is expected to stop strengthening as the weekend draws near

Ophelia has strengthened more than what was expected over the last 36 hours and as of yesterday (22) morning, the storm has 65 mph maximum winds (9 mph weaker than hurricane strength). The strengthening is expected to stop as a southwesterly shear is expected to pick up the storm. This shear will cause Ophelia to weaken into a tropical depression and then a tropical wave by tonight or tomorrow (24).

Ophelia is currently tracking to the west and is expected to turn to the west-northwest later today. The storm will then turn to the west-northwest. This movement will cause the storm to avoid directly hitting the Leeward Islands as was stated in Thursday’s (22) iNews. However, those in the Leeward Islands and the Virgin Islands should monitor their weather advisories closely. Next week, Ophelia is expected to take a path similar to that of Maria, potentially affecting Bermuda with tropical storm conditions before dissipating in the Northern Atlantic.

This storm poses no immediate threat to the eastern coast of the United States and the western Caribbean.

Go to Crown Weather Services at and the National Hurricane Centre at for more information on Ophelia and any other possible developments. iNews wishes to thank Crown Weather Services for their permission to use their images and information. Please support them.


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