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One + One exhibit is Full of Beans

(L-R) Sue Howe, with fellow artist Cira Bush and an art patron.

Painter Sue Howe and her daughter, Hannah Howe, are the two artists featuring in the new “One + One” exhibition at Full of Beans in George Town.

13-year old Hannah’s photographs mainly depict the natural environment. There are some beautiful studies of ducks, and there are also some evocative landscapes and waterscapes.

Not all, however. Some of the photos are close-ups of Hannah’s sneakers: “I was sitting down one day looking at functions on my camera, and I looked down at my feet, I thought it would be a cool picture so I started taking pictures of them,” she said.

“I like to photograph anything that catches my eye – that I find is unique. Many of the bird photos have been taken near my home in Breakers but I also have some taken on Cayman Brac,” she said.

A large proportion of the photographs are black and white: “I like black and white because it gives it more suspense and it makes things look different.”

Hannah’s mother, Sue Howe started her art career by doing lots of drawing, before graduating to painting in acrylics. But she really counts the time when she became ‘serious’ about painting from when she changed over to oils, some time around 2003.

“I like oils because you can move them for hours, and they have lots of depth. They capture light well and illuminate the painting.” She said.

One of the outstanding features of Ms Howe’s paintings is that she uses a full tonal range in her colours, giving them solidity and depth. Some of them seem so real you feel as if you could reach out and grab the objects they depict:

“I like to work by going from my darkest darks to my lightest lights,” she said.

A recent move for the artist is abstract work, and some of the new abstract pieces appear in the
new show.

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