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No gambling debts in Kerran Baker case.

Any suggestion that Miss Kerran Baker, who has now been missing for two weeks, had gambling debts, or that the police has reasons to conduct rapid arrests, was refuted during a police press briefing.

In his response Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden stated: “There is nothing to suggest that she had any gambling debt.”

In the press conference yesterday, Marlon Bodden, and Chief Superintendent John Jones, indicated that concerned individuals are airing the view that suspects in the case of the missing woman should be immediately arrested.

The Chief Superintendent stated that randomly arresting everyone that is deemed to be a suspect is not consistent with lawful police proceedings.

“I want to deflate the statements that the police should just go out there and arrest individuals.

“An arrest is a very serious issue. We do not take arrests lightly, and it is a very serious thing.

“We can’t go on a fishing trip, this is not the kind of jurisdiction where we can just arrest people left and right and put them in a cell and force some kind of confession.

“When we believe we have sufficient evidence we will decide if we need to arrest someone,” he said.

But the public’s cry for answers will not be ignored, assured D.S. Marlon Bodden.

In his assessment of the investigation the detective admitted that no more progress has been made in locating the missing woman, but there are still forensics, and other information he believes will prove very valuable to the police.

“We will examine more forensic reports. We continue to review the CCTV footage. We will be reviewing every inch of footage.

“We will be carrying out our second review to make sure that we haven’t missed anything. This is a thorough enquiry and we are taking it very seriously.

“I made an appeal to anyone making contacts with her leading up to her disappearance to come forward.

“Unfortunately, there is no answer as yet. We will not relent until we get answers. If you don’t want to speak to the police speak to


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