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New school year strategies outlined

Education Minister Rolston Anglin addressed a packed Mary Miller Hall at the Annual Education Professionals’ Welcome.

In anticipation of the new school year the Minister of Education the Hon. Rolston Anglin has outlined his ministry’s priorities to the country’s educators.

Filling the Mary Miller Hall to capacity for the Annual Education Professionals’ Welcome, teachers received praise for students’ historic academic achievements. But, they were also told what was expected from them.

“I believe we can do better and I challenge you to raise the bar even higher,” said Minister Anglin.

While the minister set high expectations, the audience further heard how the Education Ministry and Department of Education Services planned to support them in order to secure the best outcomes for students.

“Professional development is front and centre to my ministry’s goals this year. We plan to invest heavily in our teachers as to ensure that every child has the opportunity to achieve their God-given potential,” Minister Anglin explained.

Other strategic aims mentioned include a focus on literacy and numeracy, new graduation requirements, a national campaign that celebrates achievement, professional standards for teachers, targets for school achievement and a national strategy to gather education data that will track individual student progress.

Ensuring students’ employability will also come under the spotlight this year with plans to expand vocational education, strengthen career advice and implement a work readiness programme, Work Keys, in all high schools, the minister revealed.

Teachers in attendance at the Annual Education Professionals’ Welcome heard more about the ministries’ priorities and goals for the new school year

The minister concluded with an update on the school facilities, promising much-needed additions and upgrades to the country’s primary schools. He also said his ministry anticipated that Clifton Hunter High School will be finished in March next year.


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