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My View by Joan Wilson

Our town centre sparkles like a diamond

Set in a velvet blue sea

Tourists and locals all mingle together

Under an umbrella of the sun shining free.

Our streets are swept each morning

By a caring hardworking crew

Keeping our town so spic and span

Pausing only to greet me and you.

And I would just mention Spencer (Bodden)

He’s been on our roads for years

And, I think, he deserves recognition

From any and all his peers.

He maintains such a very keen interest

In sweeping our streets so clean

He’s given ‘clean’ a new meaning

If you really know what I mean?

And what about our Cayman skyline,

Have you noticed the change taking place?

Concrete and steel rising tall above us

Have all changed our once tree-lined face

But, I must say, the buildings are gorgeous

And they seem to be built to last

Gone are the wooden structures of yesterday

Cayman style architecture is a thing of the past.

And as I’ve said earlier in some of my poems

We’re no longer ‘an island time forgot’

Our main business is banking and tourism

To which our success owes a lot.

We haven’t been going for very long

Only about 40 years or so

With a rich blend of cultures and races

Our progress has not been slow.

We’re the 5th largest banking centre in the world

And a premier Caribbean tourist destination.

We serve over 1 million visitors each year

Who choose Cayman to spend their vacation.

Recently we’ve entered the cyber-space

To enable us all to fight crime.

Our web site is

You can log on at any time.


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