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More colour! More pages! Web changes!

I am very proud to announce that from yesterday, our newspaper went from 28 pages to 32 pages and it’s permanent! From now on only eight pages will be in black and white. We are now publishing iNews Cayman with 24 pages in full colour. We are the only print newspaper to boast this.

We have only been able to achieve this milestone in such a short time (15 weeks and three days) because of your support and our advertisers. We have had a wonderful four weeks advertising wise and our excellent sales team have reported that all our ‘old’ customers have renewed with even more advertising and a host of new clients have come on board. This has made it possible to make our newspaper even better. All the outlets that sell iNews report increasing sales and have asked for more copies to be delivered.

I am very proud of all my team and the overwhelming positive comments you have made both written and verbal to me and especially to Joan, the publisher of this newspaper.

We have changed the look of our online edition with a home page that has the whole content of the newspaper laid out in a style where you can immediately make comments to any editorial/column/article/story online. If you enjoy reading exactly the same newspaper as the print edition it is also there for you to download. It is almost a carbon copy. No other newspaper published here has this option. Advertisers please note that too. The only minor difference between the print and the online is the latter is all in colour.

The online home page also has live video feeds and that will be the subject of more good news (watch this space).

Thank you dear readers and I welcome any suggestions. We are here to serve you. ‘Our eye, your news.’


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