May 9, 2023

Missing persons

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It is heartbreaking when a loved one goes missing. As the days go by and no word is heard, the anguish from family and friends gets worse. Anna Evans has been missing for six months without a trace and now 25 year old Kerran (Kerry) Baker has been missing since Saturday (July 30). Chief Superintendent John Jones said at a press briefing last Tuesday (2) that the RCIPS have no clue where Kerry is. It is common for missing persons to be found within 24 hours of the reported absentee.  There is now much concern for her safety.

We had good news last week when the six men, who were missing for nine days after leaving our shores in a boat, were found when all seemed lost. Let us keep our hopes up for another miracle.

On yesterday’s front page we showed the CCTV footage of Kerry shopping at Foster’s Food Fair together with other footage of her. Maybe that will jog some memories and if you remember seeing her with anyone, no matter how innocuous it seems, please notify the police. Miracles do happen but they need a helping hand.

If you are helping in any of the searches that were instigated by Facebook please heed all the police instructions. They are the experts and there are very valid reasons for them that may not be apparent for us amateurs. And if you are a friend and know something, no matter how unpalatable, it is your duty to Kerry to come forward. It all helps, even to eliminate someone from the RCIPS investigation.

As I have taken many pains to point out, WE ALL have to work together and, I unfortunately expect we will soon be hearing from the bloggers saying the RCIPS aren’t doing enough. Remember there is “you” for the blame game.

Let us pray for a happy ending.

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