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Losing one of your breasts is not the end of the world, says cancer survivors

Myrna Gregson, Amica Scott and Naomi Fazio are providing inspiration to cancer suffers.

Three brave women are out on a mission to help mastectomy patients deal with the fear of removing their breasts due to cancer.

Naomi Fazio, Amica Scott and Myrna Gregson (pictured above) are all wearing their breast prosthesis, a silicone imitation of a woman’s breast inside their bras.

The group unanimously agreed to tell their stories, with the hope that sharing their experiences can provide support for other cancer survivors.

The women feel that cancer survivors need to make public their support for each other.

“The survivors of cancer need to be reassured that they are not alone.” said Mrs. Amica Scott.

The three also say they are anxious to share their experiences of prosthesis, which are specially designed artificial breasts, with those who need them.

Professional breast fitter, Myrna Gregson said, “If a woman has never worn a prosthesis before, I explain to them as best I can how it may feel.

“Although the breast prosthesis is guaranteed for two years they sometimes last beyond that period.

“Specially designed bras are built to accommodate artificial breasts.

“The special bras do not have underwire and are very comfortable to wear.”

The women told iNews that they are proud of themselves for making the choice to attempt to terminate the spread of their cancer by having a mastectomy.

All three women reside in the Cayman Islands and are members of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

The trio was sharing a booth at the Cayman Islands Cancer Society’s Health Fair entitled “Conquering Cancer 11”, held at the Marriott Hotel.

A mastectomy is sometimes done to prevent the spreading of cancer from one breast to the next, or from the breasts to other parts of the body.

“Some women have had to remove both their breasts when the cancer spreads, and are then fitted with a pair of prostheses,” said Myrna Gregson.

Myrna’s duty is to ensure that each silicone breast is fitted with accuracy and comfort.

Ms. Gregson takes accurate measurements of the female’s upper body, recording specific characteristics of the remaining breast to ensure a match.

Ms. Gregson also does measurements and fittings for patients that have removed both breasts.

Special bras designed to fully support the artificial breasts are worn by each of her clients. The special bras can cost between C.I. $18 to $20. The cost of the prostheses can range between C.I. $100 to $120.

Myrna. Gregson is also a member and representative of American Breast Care, who are creators of these special prostheses for women who had a mastectomy.


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