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iNews is pleased to introduce our new weekly exercise section with Manuela Ioana Nemes. Her exercise tips will help you find the motivation to reach your fitness goal and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Manuela can be found at Body Sculpture

I’m 42 years old but I feel at least 10 years younger. I actually started feeling really good in my body only in my 30s, soon after I began exercising, trying new sports and getting to know my body better.

I felt younger, stronger and I discovered an athletic side of me that I didn’t know existed.

Training helped me overcome the most challenging events and changes in my life, and up to now; it still has the same positive effect.

Set an achievable fitness goal and a timeline

Don’t give up! Often the biggest obstacles we encounter in life can be our greatest teachers.

I noticed that sometimes people who overcome serious health issues make tremendous efforts to be fit and even surpass the level they’ve been at before.

They are so determined, that it’s a great satisfaction to train and encourage them. Because they are aware of health consequences, they are much more motivated compared to many others who take their health for granted or use their health issues as an excuse to avoid any type of exercising.

They find great excitement in any achievement that seemed impossible a short while ago. This is an example in how you can turn negative experiences into major motivators and be in control of your life.

Minor physical discomforts can turn into health issues. It’s better to start exercising before getting a warning sign than having to deal with health problems later.

Find Time for Yourself

One of the most common excuses I’ve heard is “I’m too busy to train or cook in order to eat healthy.”

How many times have you felt stuck at your desk, overwhelmed with work and felt that you’re not getting anywhere? And if you were to take a break to clear your mind, you would come back more detached and able to finish what you had piled up in no time?

This is the same, try to manage your time to train before you go to work or fit in a quick lunch workout. Spend active weekends with your family by walking, jogging, swimming, biking.

Take responsibility and make eating right and exercise a priority. It’s important not to pick on your partner’s bad habits, rather be a positive influence on your family.

You can improve your health condition irrespective of your age, weight, life style and family history. You don’t have to be a different person by the next day or give up all the things you like to diet for life or become an athlete.

Start with small achievable goals, do the changes, then slowly other ones will fall into place naturally.

If time is your biggest enemy it’s essential to train efficiently by choosing full body exercises, body weight exercises and once in a while plyometric exercises (if your body can tolerate high impact).

All these are intense, functional and can be performed outdoors or at home with none or very little equipment that you can even improvise.

This type of training prepares the body for the activities performed in “personal life” daily life, emphasising combined movements in all planes and it doesn’t have to always be high impact.

It’s important not only to increase cardio vascular capacity and strength but also balance, coordination and flexibility. Functional training may lead to better muscular balance and joint stability, possibly decreasing the number of injuries sustained in an individual’s performance in a sport.

In the next few issues I will demonstrate easy to follow total body exercises that can be performed outdoors or at home.

Learn how to get maximum fat burning results and build muscle with no fitness equipment in short 15 minutes intense workouts!

Always consult a qualified medical professional before beginning any nutritional programme or exercise programme. The information contained herein is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment in any manner


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