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Life’s storybook cover

We are approaching some very memorable days on ‘life’s storybook cover’ as Scottish singer Isla Grant’s beautiful song puts it. Unfortunately for many of us there is nothing beautiful about the first two on the cover.

It will be ten years on September 11th when the world changed, especially for the USA and it affected all of us. I am sure we can all remember where we were when the incredible and horrifying events took place that dreadful morning in front of the television cameras. Not even Hollywood could come up with a more horrendous screenplay and we would have said “it couldn’t possibly happen.” It did and we have been paying for it ever since. Part of our liberties have been taken away and journeying to another country is an ordeal with all the security checks we have
to endure.

The next one was another unforgettable and frightening experience for all of us who were here on Grand Cayman Sept 11/12, when Hurricane Ivan struck. It smashed us to pieces, both the Island physically and us mentally. This time of the year I watch anxiously at all the tropical storms and hurricanes that form and pass us by. Always hoping they will pass us by.

Happily Sept. 10th, the anniversary of my next two memorable days are happier. On that day in 1992 Cayman International Television (Caribbean) Network -CITN/Cayman27 transmitted their first television signal. Even though the signal was colour bars it was very exciting for both my wife, Joan, and I. We were the owners and licence holders of CITN and this was history in the making. Sadly, there is no plaque or sign anywhere at The Television Centre to commemorate the event and no mention of our contribution. It is as though television just happened.

And lastly, Sept. 10th is Joan Wilson’s, the publisher of iNews Cayman, birthday. She is a very young 77 years old. We all wish her a very happy day and she certainly has made it on Life’s Storybook Cover.


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