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Leo Club of Grand Cayman lends a hand

Miss Teen Cayman Islands 2011 contestants and the Leo Club of Grand Cayman, joined forces to give their support to the National Council of Voluntary Organisation (NCVO) by helping paint Miss Nadine’s Pre-School.

Through the years, NCVO and the Leo Club of Grand Cayman have worked together to uplift the classrooms of Miss Nadine’s Pre-School.

President of the Leo Club, Cedric Gidarisingh said, “It’s always been a pleasure working with NCVO and supporting this great cause through community assistance.

“The Leo Club of Grand Cayman will always give our continuous support and we look forward in working together on other projects in the near future.”

The non-profit, charitable organisation houses Miss Nadine’s Pre-School which gives a “family type” home and provides the main ingredients such as care to children and families in need as well as quality education.

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