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Kids speak out for “God and St. George”

The Anglican Vacation Bible Camp at St George’s Anglican Church is where kids have fun learning how to “Speak up and speak out for God,” – the theme of the week-long camp.

“We are focusing on the prophets of the Old Testament who did that in their time, and the children are learning how to speak up and speak out for God in their own situations,” said Sister Molly Walton, who is looking after the kids during the week-long camp.

The kids at the camp were hearing bible stories and then having fun acting them out in drama skits.

“Yesterday we did the story of Elijah proving who is the real God, and today we are doing the prophet Jeremiah through puppet theatre,” Ms Walton said.

Behind a black piece of cloth, some of the older children were getting ready to operate the hand puppets that told the story of Jeremiah, as the younger ones were eagerly waiting for the show to begin.

The children also played football outside, and a special game called “Integrity” inside the church hall.

“Integrity is a game where all the children in the room have to get into groups of a specific number, such as three, two or four. The last one to sit down, making a number that is too big is ‘out,’ but nobody tells them they are out – it us up to their own honesty and integrity,” Sister Walton said.

“Nine of the teenagers here are being trained as camp councilors. They will be able to lead their own bible camps,” she added.

The children were also making life-sized pictures of the Old Testament profits, along with art and craft items.

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