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KENTUCKY FRIED TURKEYS! KFC raiders steal empty cash register

Clueless thieves held up Kentucky Fried Chicken… but snatched the wrong till!

The armed robbers struck at the drive-through window of the fast food joint just after 10:30pm on Thursday.

Two men wielding a handgun and a machete threatened a member of staff as he served a customer in his car.

But they weren’t exactly criminal masterminds as they stole the backup cash register – that was EMPTY!

Staff at the West Bay Road branch of the fast food giants, KFC, told iNews that a male cashier, who was assigned to the drive-through window, was busy meeting a customer’s order when he was surprised by a masked gunman.

The employee, who asked not to be named, said: “There was a customer in the vehicle, so the cashier was holding his head down while dealing with them.

“By the time the cashier lifted up his head, he was staring right at a gun. The robber just walked up to the window and showed his gun and demanded cash. He said ’gimmi di money’.”

The robber was thought to have had an accomplice who waited close by during the botched stick-up.

As they fled, they tried to steal a car but couldn’t even get that right as the vehicle they picked was locked!

So the pair fled on foot with the empty haul.

The member of staff said: “We were only able to see one, but others claim they saw someone else with a machete.

“They grabbed the second register, and ran off with it, but that register was empty.”

iNews was also told that the same KFC branch was robbed once last year, and the Shedden Road branch in George Town was also robbed earlier this year.

The cashier that had the gun pointed at him is said to be uninjured but “badly shaken up” by the incident.

The employee added: “The robbery prompted the store to close at least fifteen minutes earlier than usual. We were just getting ready to completely close down for the night and had already closed the front doors.

“At the time when the robbery occurred, we were only operating from the side window.”

Chief Inspector Angelique Howell added: “One of the men tried to get into a car in the parking lot but it was locked.

“Both took off in the direction of Watler’s Road in ‘Dog City’.”

But CI Howell said it would be unfair of her to assume the thieves were from ‘Dog City’ just because they fled in that direction.

The robber, who was armed with the gun, is described as being six foot tall and skinny. He was wearing a black sweater and was covering his face with white material.

The second thief had a green plaid hoodie and was about five foot three inches tall.

Anyone with information is asked to call George Town CID on 949 4222 or Crimestoppers on 800 8477 (TIPS).

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